Freeway exit numbers

Freeway exit numbers are being rolled out across Melbourne’s urban freeways. Freeway exit numbering is a system that assigns numbers to exits along a freeway.

The numbers increase the further you are from the Melbourne CBD, making it easier for the driver to pre-plan trips on unfamiliar freeways.

A few exit numbers have already been installed as part of the Monash – CityLink – West Gate upgrade, including freeway exit numbers along the M1 between Duncans Road, Werribee and Clyde Road, Berwick.

VicRoads will be implementing freeway exit numbers on the M80 Ring Road as part of the M80 Upgrade.

What will be different?

Existing signs will remain the same, however, an exit number sign will be added. No information currently on the signs will be removed or replaced. See example shown.

Road directories will incorporate these exit numbers, so people can easily plan journeys.

Freeway exit number sign

What are the benefits?

  • People simply need to remember which exit number to take, rather than remembering a road name or suburb name.
  • Studies show that over 50 per cent of motorists would find Melbourne’s freeways easier to navigate if an exit numbering system was introduced.
  • Locals and tourists can reduce the need to scan signs for place or road names which they may not easily recognise.
  • Drivers seeking emergency assistance will have a greater chance of being able to see or remember the last exit number they had passed.

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