Traveller information for motorists

Find out more about how we communicate information on our motorways, including signs and travel time displays. 

Information provided

Traveller information on motorway conditions includes:

  • Automated information on existing or changing traffic conditions such as travel time and traffic conditions.
  • Additional information during incidents.
  • Advice about planned future events like roadworks.

Sign types

Traveller information signs for motorways generally include:

  • Large multi-purpose variable message signs (VMS) which are displayed above motorways.

Image showing example of a traveller information sign advising of travel times to certain exits

image showing example of a traveller information sign communicating about a lane closure and an incident ahead
  • Real time information signs on arterial roads prior to interchange entry ramps.

image showing example of a real-time information sign on a surface road showing details about an upcoming motorway’s light conditions M1 Incident sign


Travel time displays

Motorway traffic condition and travel time displays are based on a snapshot of average speeds along the motorway to the signed destination.  

  • The traffic condition colour is based on the estimated travel time relative to travel time at the speed limit. 
  • VMS messages on roads prior to an entry ramp include the ramp delay if the ramp metering signals are on.

Further detailed reading is also available in the various Traffic engineering manuals.

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