Smarter Roads

Transforming how we manage our arterial road network. 

We're investing $340 million in Smarter Roads to transform how we manage busy suburban roads in Melbourne’s west, east and south-east.

We’re adding more technology and extra staff to keep people and goods moving.

Improved transport technology

We’re adding traffic cameras, travel time sensors, live travel signs and more to reduce delays and create smoother journeys for you.

Expanded traffic team

We’re adding more people to our transport operations team to ensure that we can respond quickly to disruptions and incidents and keep you moving.

Biggest ever traffic light review

We’re working on Melbourne’s biggest ever review of traffic light sequencing at over 850 sites.

Where we're working

See where Smarter Roads is being rolled out in Melbourne’s west, east and southeast.

Updates for Smarter Roads

Get all the latest updates on the Smarter Roads rollout and stay informed.

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