Transport Operations Centre

VicRoads Transport Operations Centre (TOC) operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to deliver real time traffic management to Victoria.

The TOC handles over 400,000 calls a year, responding to incidents and events that may affect traffic safety or flow. These can include:

  • traffic light faults
  • breakdowns on major arterials or freeways
  • vehicle crashes
  • debris and spills
  • hazards reported by the public
  • natural disasters such as fires or floods
  • major sporting and social events.

Working on the road network

The TOC needs to be notified on 1300 107 757 when any works are taking place on the road network, including traffic management activities.

Please call the TOC if you are:

  • Activating or deactivating an Memorandum of Authorisation (MoA) permit with Signal TRIMS or Lane Use Management Signs (LUMS). All other MoA permits can be activated or deactivated in the Road Access Permit Portal (RAPP) . 
  • Conducting exempt works on the VicRoads managed road network, including utility and emergency works. Please provide details on what the works are, the location, and any lane closures, detours and speed reductions in place when the works start and notify the TOC when the works are completed.

This allows the TOC to make any adjustments needed to add another layer of protection and safety for workers and road users while there are disruptions on the road network.

Reporting faults and hazards

Please report any traffic light faults, vehicle crashes affecting travel flow, on-road debris or equipment damage to the TOC, 24 hours a day, on 13 11 70.

Incident management

Advanced telephone and radio communication facilities link the TOC with VicRoads Incident Response Service (IRS), police, emergency services and maintenance personnel, to ensure there is an immediate response to incidents that may affect the safety or flow of traffic.

When an incident occurs, TOC staff can instantly respond. Depending on the nature of the situation they may close lanes, reduce the speed limit and program the electronic information signs to warn road users of the incident ahead. During this time the incident can be monitored using the system’s traffic cameras located along the freeway.

Find out more information on VicRoads Incident Response Service or what you should do after a crash or breakdown on a major road.

Emergency response

The TOC is the VicRoads contact point for all road and traffic aspects of the Victorian Emergency Management Plan. This means VicRoads has a central role in dealing with emergencies such as floods, bushfires and other potential disaster situations that affect roads. VicRoads is the official source of road information for all emergencies that affect roads.

Travel information for road users

VicRoads provides road users with a variety of travel information to help make safe and efficient use of Victoria’s road system. Visit the VicTraffic website to find out what travel information is available to road users.

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