Traffic signal design and operation

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VicRoads are responsible for the safety and efficiency of traffic signals throughout Victoria.

Before construction of new or upgraded traffic signals, we:

  • analyse the impact the new or changed signals will have on the existing network
  • check the traffic signal layout to make sure it is safe and efficient
  • design how the new signals will operate
  • create the computer program to control them.

After traffic signals are turned on, we continue to monitor the signals on the network and regularly:

  • investigate and respond to queries from the community and other stakeholders
  • review routes and areas to ensure they are operating in line with the Movement & Place framework
  • modify the timing of traffic signals in real-time due to unplanned disruptions (eg. car crashes; emergencies, etc)
  • prepare temporary signal changes to minimise congestion for planned disruptions (eg. roadworks and events).

From traffic signal planning, design and operation, VicRoads works with our customers to ensure a safe and reliable journey for everyone on the road network.

Traffic signal enquiries

For enquiries about traffic signal operations
Call: 13 11 71 or use the feedback form.



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