Travel times

  1. Tullamarine Fwy (Information currently unavailable)
  2. Western Ring Rd (Information currently unavailable) N/Aminutes between Tullamarine Fwy and Western Ring Rd
  3. Melton Hwy 5minutes between Tullamarine Fwy~Western Ring Rd and Melton Hwy
  1. Melton Hwy
  2. Western Ring Rd 4minutes between Melton Hwy and Western Ring Rd
  3. Tullamarine Fwy 2minutes between Melton Hwy~Western Ring Rd and Tullamarine Fwy
  1. Hoddle St
  2. Doncaster Rd 8minutes between Hoddle St and Doncaster Rd
  3. Springvale Rd 5minutes between Hoddle St~Doncaster Rd and Springvale Rd
  1. Springvale Rd
  2. Doncaster Rd 5minutes between Springvale Rd and Doncaster Rd
  3. Hoddle St 9minutes between Springvale Rd~Doncaster Rd and Hoddle St
  1. Kings Way
  2. Toorak Rd (via tunnel) 8minutes between Kings Way and Toorak Rd (via tunnel)
  3. Warrigal Rd 5minutes between Kings Way~Toorak Rd (via tunnel) and Warrigal Rd
  4. EastLink 9minutes between Toorak Rd (via tunnel)~Warrigal Rd and EastLink
  5. South Gippsland Fwy 5minutes between Warrigal Rd~EastLink and South Gippsland Fwy
  6. Clyde Rd 7minutes between EastLink~South Gippsland Fwy and Clyde Rd
  1. Clyde Rd
  2. South Gippsland Fwy 7minutes between Clyde Rd and South Gippsland Fwy
  3. EastLink 5minutes between Clyde Rd~South Gippsland Fwy and EastLink
  4. Warrigal Rd 9minutes between South Gippsland Fwy~EastLink and Warrigal Rd
  5. Toorak Rd 5minutes between EastLink~Warrigal Rd and Toorak Rd
  6. Kings Way (via Tunnel) 12minutes between Warrigal Rd~Toorak Rd and Kings Way (via Tunnel)
  1. Western Ring Rd
  2. Forsyth Rd 8minutes between Western Ring Rd and Forsyth Rd
  3. Duncans Rd 9minutes between Western Ring Rd~Forsyth Rd and Duncans Rd
  1. Duncans Rd
  2. Forsyth Rd 5minutes between Duncans Rd and Forsyth Rd
  3. Western Ring Rd 7minutes between Duncans Rd~Forsyth Rd and Western Ring Rd
  1. South Gippsland Hwy
  2. Monash Fwy 4minutes between South Gippsland Hwy and Monash Fwy
  1. Monash Fwy
  2. South Gippsland Hwy 4minutes between Monash Fwy and South Gippsland Hwy
  1. West Gate Fwy
  2. Pascoe Vale Rd 9minutes between West Gate Fwy and Pascoe Vale Rd
  3. Western Ring Rd (Information currently unavailable) N/Aminutes between West Gate Fwy~Pascoe Vale Rd and Western Ring Rd
  4. Melbourne Airport 3minutes between Pascoe Vale Rd~Western Ring Rd and Melbourne Airport
  1. Melbourne Airport
  2. Western Ring Rd 3minutes between Melbourne Airport and Western Ring Rd
  3. Bell St (Information currently unavailable) N/Aminutes between Melbourne Airport~Western Ring Rd and Bell St
  4. West Gate Fwy 8minutes between Western Ring Rd~Bell St and West Gate Fwy
  1. Kings Way
  2. Williamstown Rd 9minutes between Kings Way and Williamstown Rd
  3. Western Ring Rd 6minutes between Kings Way~Williamstown Rd and Western Ring Rd
  1. Western Ring Road
  2. Williamstown Rd 5minutes between Western Ring Road and Williamstown Rd
  3. Kings Way 6minutes between Western Ring Road~Williamstown Rd and Kings Way
  1. West Gate Fwy
  2. Western Fwy 4minutes between West Gate Fwy and Western Fwy
  3. Keilor Park Dve 11minutes between West Gate Fwy~Western Fwy and Keilor Park Dve
  4. Tullamarine Fwy 7minutes between Western Fwy~Keilor Park Dve and Tullamarine Fwy
  5. Hume Fwy 5minutes between Keilor Park Dve~Tullamarine Fwy and Hume Fwy
  6. Greensborough Hwy 7minutes between Tullamarine Fwy~Hume Fwy and Greensborough Hwy
  1. Greensborough Hwy
  2. Hume Fwy 7minutes between Greensborough Hwy and Hume Fwy
  3. Tullamarine Fwy 5minutes between Greensborough Hwy~Hume Fwy and Tullamarine Fwy
  4. Calder Fwy 3minutes between Hume Fwy~Tullamarine Fwy and Calder Fwy
  5. Western Fwy 9minutes between Tullamarine Fwy~Calder Fwy and Western Fwy
  6. West Gate Fwy 3minutes between Calder Fwy~Western Fwy and West Gate Fwy