Buy an unregistered vehicle

You can purchase an unregistered vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, caravan or trailer) in Victoria, and VicRoads is not required to be informed. The vehicle must be registered before it can be driven on the road.

You can obtain an unregistered vehicle permit if it is impractical to have the vehicle registered, e.g. while you are preparing it for registration.

Follow these steps to buy an unregistered vehicle:

Step 1: Check the vehicle registration

Before you buy a vehicle, you can check the vehicle registration to confirm the vehicle is not listed as stolen, written off or has money owing on it.

Step 2: Get proof of purchase from the seller

Ask the seller for a receipt and keep this as proof of purchase and ownership. VicRoads has a receipt template that you can use to ensure you’ve recorded all the information you need, but if you don’t want to use this template then make sure your receipt includes:

  • date and time of sale
  • your name and address
  • the seller’s name, address and signature
  • the vehicle’s details such as the VIN or chassis number, make and model.

The register of vehicles maintained by VicRoads does not provide evidence of title (ownership).

Step 3: Register the vehicle 

If you want to legally operate the vehicle on Victorian roads, you must register it

If you need to drive the vehicle while it is unregistered and it is impractical to have the vehicle registered, (e.g. to drive the vehicle home after purchase, or while you are preparing it for registration) you must obtain an unregistered vehicle permit.

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