Marine licence fees

This page contains information about marine licence and appointment fees.

Licence type 1 year 3 years 5 years
Marine licence $37.60
Marine licence with PWC endorsement $42.70
$128.10 $213.50
Restricted marine licence $18.80
$56.40 $94.00

* A card payment fee applies to VISA and MasterCard transactions.


Item  Fee
Replacement Marine licence  $23.40

Test type Fee
Marine licence knowledge test $29.30
Personal watercraft endorsement test $29.30
Combined marine licence and
personal watercraft endorsement test

Important: All new and reissue marine licences are issued for 5 years only. All current marine licences can be renewed 5 years or for the period specified on your renewal notice (1, 3 or 5 years).

Transaction type Term of licence
Renew marine licence
5 years or period specified on renewal notice
Change term of marine licence i.e. number of years
Up to 5 years only
  • Issue a new marine licence
  • Reissue of a marine licence
  • Interstate changeover of a marine licence

5 years only

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