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Step 1 of 4 : Your licence/registration details

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  • See any licence conditions and when it's due to expire

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Your license/registration details
  1. Do you have a Victorian driver licence, learner permit or marine licence? *Required field


    1. Enter your licence number – as it appears on your driver licence, learner permit or marine licence card.
    2. Enter your address as it appears on your licence or permit card (use the sticker on the back if you've changed your address).
      e.g. Flat 10 77 Sample Parade Kew East Vic 3102. You can only pick from the list displayed if it matches the address on your licence.

    e.g. Unit 7 11 Sample Street, Broadmeadows VIC 3047
  2. Do you have a vehicle or vessel registered in Victoria in your name? *Required field


    A vehicle must be registered in your name (e.g. not your spouse’s name). To find out whose name a vehicle is registered in, check the renewal notice.

    Note: Trade plate and Club permit registration numbers cannot be used to sign up and are not displayed in a myVicRoads account. 

  3. Enter your surname


    Your customer number is written on your registration renewal notice.

    e.g. Unit 7 11 Sample Street, Broadmeadows VIC 3047