Protecting your identity

Identity theft is a growing problem. We manage potential issues and risks proactively through regularly reviewing security measures in tackling fraud, strengthening identity security and ensuring ongoing protection of the learner permit and driver licence card. 

We already have a range of strong security measures in place to protect the information we hold. Identity security is central to Australia's security, law enforcement and economic interests, and vital in protecting citizens from the theft and misuse of their identities. 

To avoid your identity being stolen and used for fraudulent purposes, you need to be careful with your personal information and this includes your driver licence information.

How to protect your identity

  • Destroy your old driver licence when the new one arrives. Your old driver licence may be a souvenir to you, but it is also a valuable piece of identity information to a criminal.
  • Be cautious about handing over your licence card or providing the details on your licence. Make sure you understand how the information will be used and how securely it will be stored. Always question the need to scan or photocopy your learner permit or licence card.
  • Make sure you have a secure lockable letter box and that you clear it regularly so that new mail can be delivered.
  • If your learner permit or driver licence is stolen make sure you report it to VicRoads immediately and apply for a replacement.
  • If a learner permit or driver licence is no longer required because you have moved interstate or overseas, or a relative is deceased, make sure VicRoads is notified so that the licence record can be cancelled. This will prevent the licence from being used illegally by someone else.
  • You must by law notify VicRoads of a change of address within 14 days. However, it is also important that you change your address as mail sent to your previous address may be left lying around making it easy prey for crooks.

The Australian Government Crime Prevention website has information on preventing and responding to identity fraud.

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