myLearners is on its way! 

We want to keep everyone safe on our roads. So, we’ve created an app to help learner drivers form safe driving behaviours, and prepare them for solo driving.

The app is great for supervisors too, who can help keep learners on track and approve their hours.

There’s also a new myLearners website, where you’ll find top tips for lifelong safe driving behaviours.


We’re currently testing myLearners to make sure it’s ready for launch in 2019. 


Learning to drive can be exciting. But the last thing you probably want to do is log your practice hours in your paper log book. myLearners  can help you become a safer driver, so you can get on the road safely.

With myLearners you’ll be able to:

  • log and track your hours on the app, no matter where you are
  • keep track of your progress as you work towards solo driving
  • use our website to help form lifelong safe driving behaviours.


Supervising a learner driver can be an exciting and emotional time. But with myLearners, you can partner with your learners to help them to practice and learn, safely.

With myLearners, you’ll be able to:

  • use our website to find ways to teach your learner lifelong safe driving behaviours
  • help keep your learner driver on track
  • easily approve their driving hours.

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