Say goodbye to paper log books!

We want to keep everyone safe on our roads. So, we’ve created an app to help learner drivers form safe driving behaviours, and prepare them for solo driving.

The app is great for supervisors too, who can help keep learners on track and approve their hours.

You can also visit the myLearners website, where you’ll find top tips for lifelong safe driving behaviours.

Two-step verification

All VicRoads accounts offer two-step verification by SMS or authenticator app.

Two-step verification


Learning to drive can be exciting, but logging hours in a paper logbook? Not so much. 

With myLearners you’ll be able to:

  • log and track your hours on the app, no matter where you are
  • keep track of your progress as you work towards solo driving
  • use our website to help form lifelong safe driving behaviours.

MyLearners can help you become a safer driver, so you can get on the road safely.

Getting started using myLearners - FAQs

Already using the paper log book? No problem

Learners who have a paper log book can continue to use it, or you can transfer your hours to myLearners the first time you log in to the app, it’s easy!

When you first log in myLearners, you'll be prompted to enter the total number of hours you’ve already completed driving (both day & night), as well as a separate single entry for all the night hours recorded in your paper learner log book.  Make sure you have these numbers ready to go, as you can only enter them once and you can’t edit them if you make a mistake!

Once you’ve transferred your hours over to the app, you can just use myLearners going forward. But make sure not to lose your paper log book, as you’ll still need to bring it in to be verified before your drive test.


Supervising a learner driver can be an exciting and emotional time. But with myLearners, you can partner with your learners to help them to practice and learn, safely.

To supervise a learner driver, you must hold a current, full (not probationary) Australian or overseas driver licence.

With myLearners, you’ll be able to:

  • use our website to find ways to teach your learner lifelong safe driving behaviours
  • help keep your learner driver on track
  • easily approve their driving hours.

Supported devices

The myLearners app is supported on devices running iOS v11 or later, and Android v8 or later.

You may need to run a software update to ensure your device is running on one of the above operating systems to work the app properly. 

We’ll be making the MyLearners app better by rolling out new updates often so make sure you keep up to date!

We're here for you

Have a question? We’re here to help! Call us on 1300 650 266.

Join the conversation on our Facebook group (External link) for:

  • driving tips
  • checklists
  • a safe place to ask questions about learning to drive
  • info on updates to the app.

Please note, content posted by Facebook group members does not necessarily reflect VicRoads' views or opinions. Any responses to questions/queries are not legal advice. Users should seek their own legal advice for their particular situation.

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