Driving with your overseas licence in Victoria

How driving with an overseas licence works in Victoria.

You can use your overseas licence to drive in Victoria if: 

  • your licence is current and valid
  • your licence is for the type of vehicle you are driving, and
  • you have been living in Victoria for less than 6 months in total.

However, you cannot use your overseas licence to drive in Victoria if you: 

When you’re driving in Victoria, you must know and follow Victorian road rules.  

When to change to a Victorian licence

If you are going to live in Victoria for 6 months or more and you want to drive in Victoria, you’ll need to change your overseas licence.

The 6 months that you can drive in Victoria using your overseas licence starts from the day you start living in Victoria. If you leave and come back, you must still count the 6 months from when you first arrived.

Rules apply to all licence types

These rules apply to all overseas licences, including learners permits, and licences for different types of vehicles such as trucks and motorcycles. 

Carrying your licence

You should have your overseas licence with you when you drive.  

If your licence is not in English, you need to have either: 

  • an English translation of your licence, or
  • an international driving permit in English.

You should keep this with your licence when you drive. 

Help for overseas licence holders

Special circumstances

Licence types

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