Renew your learner permit

Learn how to renew your learner permit. Your learner permit is valid for 10 years.

Permit expired by less than five years

If your learner permit is expired by less than five years, visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre and bring: 

* A card payment fee applies

Permit expired by more than five years

If your learner permit is expired by over five years, you can’t renew your learner permit. You’ll need to take the learner permit knowledge test again. 

Expired motorcycle learner permit

You cannot renew a motorcycle learner permit. This permit is issued for 15 months and if it expires to keep riding you’ll need a new motorcycle learner permit and: 

  • Do the learner training course
  • Sit the knowledge test
  • Pay testing fees.

Learner permit fees

Learner permits Fee
New learner permit
Car or motorcycle
Car learner permit renewal $25.20
Car or motorcycle

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