Request replacement label or certificate

You can request a registration certificate replacement or label, if your vehicle is still required to display a label.

Request replacement registration certificate or label online

Applications for replacement certificates and labels may be accepted from the registered operator or agent for the registered operator. Registration labels are only available for heavy vehicles and heavy trailers.

Requesting a replacement certificate or label

You can buy a replacement registration certificate or label:

  • online (pay by VISA or MasterCard only)
  • by calling us on 13 11 71 (pay by VISA or MasterCard only*)
  • visiting a VicRoads Customer Service Centre (pay by VISA, MasterCard*, cash, cheque or EFTPOS)
* A card payment fee applies

Information required

When requesting a replacement registration certificate or label you will need to provide the following information:

  • vehicle registration plate number
  • name of the registered operator
  • your current photographic driver licence if attending a VicRoads Customer Service Centre. If you do not provide evidence of identity the replacement registration certificate or label will be mailed to the registered operator of the vehicle.

An agent may act on behalf of an individual or a company or incorporated association if they provide an original letter of authority. The agent must also provide their own photo licence or full Evidence of Identity requirements.

A replacement registration certificate and/or label may be issued free of charge if:

  • the label does not stick, has faded or is damaged on delivery – you must bring the label to a VicRoads Customer Service Centre
  • there has been a change of vehicle details (e.g. change of engine etc.)
  • the renewal notice has not been received and VicRoads has record of the notice being returned undelivered
  • the windscreen has been replaced – a receipt for the new windscreen must be provided
  • the vehicle has been transferred to a new registered operator and the renewal was sent to the previous registered operator.

Affixing a label to a heavy vehicle or heavy trailer

A registration label for a heavy vehicle must be affixed to the lower left side of the windscreen or any fixed window on the left or near side of the vehicle.

A registration label for a heavy trailer must be affixed on or adjacent to the number plate and not obscure the number plate, or be displayed in a holder on the left side of the trailer.


Type Description Fee 
Replacement label/certificate Label/certificate  $17.90
Plastic registration label holder for motorcycle or trailer (single) Label holder  $3.80

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