Change of address

When you move you need to let VicRoads know within 14 days.

You can update your address information by logging into your myVicRoads account.

Log in and update your address

If you don't have a myVicRoads account, create one now.

Sign up for a myVicRoads online account

All VicRoads accounts offer two-step verification (External link) either by SMS or authenticator app.

What address information does VicRoads need?

VicRoads holds the following information:

  • residential address: the address where you live. This appears on your licence or permit card. If it changes we send you a sticker with your new address to fix to your card
  • postal address: the address we send your mail to. If you get a fine, Fines Victoria (External link) will send the fine to this address. It can be the same as your residential address or a different address
  • garage address: the address where your vehicle is kept. You can have a different garage address for each vehicle registered in you name.

You can update all of this address information in myVicRoads. You must do this within 14 days of your address changing.

If you don't update your address details you could miss mail from VicRoads. This may cause you to be driving unlicensed or in an unregistered vehicle.

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