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Requirements for changing company details vary according to the circumstance. This page contains requirements that companies need to supply to VicRoads when they change their address or change their company name.

For information about transferring vehicles from a company, see Transfer company vehicles.

Change of address

If you wish to change the address of a vehicle or vessel registered in a company name, you will need to submit to VicRoads written notification that:

  • is on company letterhead, showing the ACN/ARBN or featuring the company seal
  • contains the signature of the company director, secretary or authorised representative
  • details the new residential or postal address for the company
  • lists the vehicles and/or vessels affected, including:
    • registration number
    • make
    • model
    • new residential, postal and / or garaged address details (if different than the address details given for the company)

A change of address for vehicles registered in a company name may be done by:

  • VicRoads website (via a myVicRoads account)
  • Mail: VicRoads, PO Box 632, Collins St West, VIC 8007
  • Visiting a VicRoads Customer Service Centre
  • Email: [email protected]

Note: All company change of addresses submitted by mail will take up to 72 hours to complete. Updates via myVicRoads or at a Customer Service Centre will be immediate.

Change of company name

To change a company name recorded with VicRoads, the following will need to be submitted:

No transfer fee, Motor Vehicle Duty or Certificate of Roadworthiness will apply.

Note: If you have changed your company ACN/ARBN and name, the company name will need to be established with VicRoads as a new client, and any vehicle registration must be transferred from the previous company name to the new company name. An Application for transfer of registration [PDF 369 Kb] including payment of transfer fee, motor vehicle duty and provision of a current and original Certificate of Roadworthiness will be required.

A business or trading name must not be used for the registered operator of a vehicle.

Submit documents to VicRoads

These can be submitted by

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