Digital Driver Licence

Following a successful trial in Ballarat, digital driver licences are now available in the myVicRoads app to all Victorian full licence holders. The digital licence will be available to learner drivers and p-platers by 2025.

What is a digital licence?

A digital licence is a quick, easy, and secure way to provide your licence status, access licencing information to verify your identity, or prove you are over 18. Your digital driver licence can be accessed directly from the myVicRoads or Service Victoria app.

You can use your digital licence: 
  • to prove your right to drive.
  • as proof you’re over 18 at licensed venues or
  • anywhere you need to prove your identity (such as retailers or hotels)

Using a digital licence is optional as physical licences will continue to be issued for all Victorian drivers and can continue to be used for identification purposes. 

How to get your digital licence

To get your digital driver licence, you’ll need a myVicRoads account

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The digital driver licence can also be accessed from Service Victoria (External link)

Please note, digital driver licences will be available to learner drivers and p-platers by 2025.

Digital licences for businesses

See it. Scan it. Check it.

For businesses, digital driver licences give you verified information with a quick scan of a QR code. They’re a secure and trusted tool for licence, identity, and proof of age checks. 

The digital driver licence features a secure QR code which can be scanned to verify authenticity and prevent fraudulent use. Businesses, authorities and others will be able to check a licence is valid using their smartphone.

It may take time for some businesses to update their processes to accept digital licences, so please continue to carry your physical licence as we introduce this across the state.

Privacy and security of personal information is the highest priority in the digital driver licence’s development.

Find out how this works for businesses

How secure is a digital driver licence?

The security of your private information is our top priority. Your digital driver licence will be secure in the app. It can only be seen by you and whoever you choose to share it with. To protect your privacy, you decide if you want to share all - or just some - of your licence data. You control the personal information you share with licence verifiers based on why you are using it. 

There are 3 levels of info that you can share with your digital driver licence:

  1. Full licence: This view shows info about your right to drive. You can share this view when you need to show police things like licence status, classes, or restrictions.
  2. Identity: This shows your basic ID info — name, address, and signature.
  3. Proof of age: This view shows that you’re over 18. It won’t show your exact age or date of birth. 

In addition, the app is protected by the security features of your phone, including biometrics such as thumb or face scan. When first logging in to the myVicRoads app, you'll also need to switch on two-step verification and set a unique pin code. These additional protections ensure that logging into your myVicRoads account is secure (even if your username and password are compromised). 

If you lose your physical licence, you can still access your licence via your phone.

We have tested both apps using stringent security and penetration tests. We will keep testing the app after the digital licence has been released.

I'm concerned about safety and privacy as someone who has experienced family violence. How can I protect my personal details?

Customers impacted by family violence can contact us through our dedicated phone line or email:

You can leave your contact number if the telephone line is unavailable or unattended. Our service also supports agencies acting on behalf of affected persons. 

Can I still use my physical licence card if I don’t have a smartphone?

Yes – all licence holders will continue to be issued with a physical card. The digital driver licence doesn’t replace your physical licence and is optional. If you don’t have a smartphone, you’ll still be able to use your physical licence. You will need to renew your licence as usual to ensure it remains current.

Once downloaded, will I be able to use my digital licence immediately at all locations where I currently present my physical licence?

In most locations, yes you will. But we ask for patience, because many establishments will still be in the process of including digital driver licence in their systems once the roll out is live. We encourage you to carry your physical licence to avoid potential issues.

How does my digital licence get verified?

Licence checkers can do a quick visual check of your digital licence but can scan the QR code with their device if they need further verification.

The QR code connects to your licence record. The QR code is refreshed every two minutes, so the code is always unique. You can pull down on the screen to refresh the code.Scanning the QR code will confirm if your licence is valid.

Do I need to hand over my phone when my licence is being checked?

No. If someone needs to check your licence, you don’t need to hand them your phone.Just tilt your screen towards them to show the details on your screen, or the QR code for them to scan. In the myVicRoads app, you can enlarge the code by tapping on it if you need to or pull down to refresh the screen. Always ensure you maintain control of your device and only let the verifier view your details or scan the QR code.

What if I need to share a copy of my licence?

Right now, there’s no way for you to share a copy of your digital licence. Businesses shouldn’t hold onto copies of your details unless they really need to. Keeping copies of this information is a fraud risk. We don’t recommend that anyone shares screen shots of digital licences.

How does the hologram work?

The hologram on a digital licence is similar to the one on a physical card. If you tilt your phone side to side, you’ll see the image move and shimmer.

What if an error shows when someone scans my licence?

For now, digital licences need internet access to work. An error will appear if you or the person checking your licence has trouble connecting to the internet. If this happens, use your physical licence card for scanning instead. An error might also appear if your licence is expired, cancelled or suspended.

What if I have a full licence and a learner permit for another vehicle type?

Initially, only your full licence/s will be available as a digital licence (including motorcycle and heavy vehicle licences). When learner permits and probationary licences become available, you will be able to access all your licence/s (including probationary) and any learner permit in the app.

What happens if my licence status changes from Full Licence to Probationary? Will I still have a digital driver licence?

If you change from full licence status back down to a Probationary licence, you will lose access to your digital driver licence. This is because currently only full licence holders have access to the digital driver licence. You will be able to access to your digital licence when you regain full licence status 

Is there a way to remove the digital licence from the myVicRoads app if I don’t want to use it? 

For Victorian full licence holders, the digital licence will automatically appears in the app, however you can choose to ‘opt out’ by toggling it off in app settings if you do not want it to appear.

What happens if I'm somewhere with no internet connection or phone reception?

We recommend you carry your physical licence, especially if you are concerned about your battery, network or internet coverage. The introduction of a digital driver licence doesn’t change the obligation of some drivers (eg heavy vehicle and drivers aged less than 26) to carry their physical licence with them at all times. See compulsory carriage requirements for more information.

Will my digital licence update automatically?

Your digital driver licence updates automatically in response to any changes on your licence record, such as new licence conditions or a change of address.

How many people have successfully used the digital driver licence in Victoria? 

The digital driver licence is now available to all Victorian full licence drivers following a successful trial in Ballarat involving more than 15,000 full licence holders, checkers, and enforcement agencies.

Why doesn't the app work for me?   

Check to see if your Operating System (OS) installed on your device needs any version updates and try again. If you’re still having trouble with using the myVicRoads app or logging in, go to How to use the myVicRoads app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

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