VicRoads Vehicle Report

Buy with confidence using Victoria’s most comprehensive vehicle report. Know more than just what’s under the bonnet.

Why use a vehicle report?
  • Exclusive to VicRoads* Victorian rego and transfer history
  • Exclusive to VicRoads* Victorian roadworthy history
  • Odometer discrepancy check
  • Written-off and stolen history
  • Outstanding finance checks
  • Valuation and safety insights

*Exclusive features have been verified as unique to our product as of 22 May 2024. This exclusivity may be subject to change based on developments in the market

Information available is dependent upon the vehicle type. To see what information is available for each vehicle type, please check our sample reports here

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VicRoads Vehicle Report benefits
Exclusive to VicRoads Victorian registration and transfer history
Get insights of a vehicle's history. Reveal past registrations and transfers before buying a second-hand vehicle to help you make a more confident purchase.
Exclusive to VicRoads Victorian Roadworthy History
A roadworthy history certificate provides evidence of findings from vehicle inspections conducted in the past to help you make an educated decision when buying a second-hand vehicle.
Odometer history
Be better informed about the mileage of a second-hand vehicle. An odometer discrepancy check against Victorian roadworthy records can reveal potential discrepancies, providing clarity and peace of mind.
Outstanding finance checks
Every VicRoads Vehicle Report includes a PPSR certificate, which tells you if this car is free from financial obligations.
How it works
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Frequently asked questions

Why should I purchase a VicRoads Vehicle Report?
A VicRoads Vehicle Report is designed to give you greater confidence when buying a second-hand vehicle. Having a thorough understanding of the history of the vehicle allows you to be well-informed to make a better purchasing decision. Produced by VicRoads, Victoria’s registration and licensing operator, our Vehicle Report is the only one that includes Victorian registration, transfer and roadworthy data.
What information is included in a VicRoads Vehicle Report?

The VicRoads Vehicle Report provides a lot of useful information for prospective used vehicle buyers, including:

  • Registration and transfer History in Victoria
  • Victorian Roadworthy history
  • Odometer history
  • Odometer and price comparison to similar vehicle sales in the last 3 months
  • Stolen and Written off check
  • Security Interest check
  • PPSR Certificate


How do I purchase a report?
To purchase a vehicle report, please scroll to the top of this page and follow the instructions to purchase the report.
How do I access my VicRoads Vehicle Report?
The report will be accessible via a link that will be sent to the email with which you purchased the report. If you are a MyVicRoads user, the report will also be visible within the MyVicRoads portal under vehicle details
How is the VicRoads Vehicle Report different from other vehicle history reports?

We are excited to share that the VicRoads Vehicle Report will be the only vehicle report available that includes the following information for vehicles registered in Victoria:

  • Historical and current registration and transfer history
  • Historical roadworthy history
How long do I have access to my report?
The Vehicle Report will expire 7 years after purchase, at which point, it will no longer be accessible.
Visit the Vehicle Report support page for more information and support, or contact us.