Unregistered vehicle permits

Unregistered vehicles cannot be driven on the road unless an unregistered vehicle permit has been obtained or the vehicle is exempt from registration.

Unregistered vehicle permit sellers

VicRoads only operates online through our website at www.vicroads.vic.gov.au, and via the myVicRoads portal and app.

We do not sell permits through any third-party sellers. 

If you purchase an unregistered vehicle permit through another online seller you may be charged an inflated price, and you will not be eligible for a refund by VicRoads. 

We are working hard to prevent fraudulent activity


You can get an Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) when your vehicle is unregistered and/or it is impractical or unreasonable to have the vehicle registered during the period of the permit. A UVP must not be used as a replacement for full registration and can only be issued for trips commencing in Vic.

We recommend that you purchase an unregistered vehicle permit when taking an unregistered vehicle to VicRoads for registration. This ensures that you have full TAC (External link) compulsory insurance cover for that trip.

UVPs are intended to cover situations such as:

  • preparing an unregistered vehicle for registration
  • moving a vehicle from place to place on a one-off basis
  • using heavy earthmoving equipment which need to cross or operate on public roads in the course of construction work and cannot meet registration requirements*
  • using a rally vehicle on the road*
  • using a carnival float on the road.*

You cannot use an unregistered vehicle permit for social or domestic purposes.  

UVPs can only be issued for trips commencing in Victoria and it is the responsibility of the driver to demonstrate that the journey is covered by the permit.

* You can only apply for these permits by calling 13 11 71 or visiting a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

Get an Unregistered Vehicle Permit

Before you get a UVP, the vehicle must be in a safe condition and you'll need to declare that the vehicle is safe for use on the road or highway when purchasing the UVP.

To get a UVP the vehicle must not be

  • currently registered
  • suspended due to an unrepaired safety related issue
  • recorded as a statutory write-off
  • recorded as stolen
  • subject to a Sheriff's Office sanction

Find out how to check the vehicle records by visiting Check vehicle registration.

If the vehicle is not safe or meets any of the above criteria, you cannot get a UVP.

Driving with a UVP on your learner permit

  • Learner drivers are permitted to drive a vehicle issued with a UVP when accompanied by a fully licensed driver.
  • A learner rider is permitted to ride a motorcycle issued with a UVP.

Left-hand drive vehicles

If your vehicle is over 25 years old and Left Hand Drive (LHD) you can get a UVP. If your vehicle is LHD and less than 25 years old you cannot get a UVP unless it is to be used for the one-off movement for storage or conversion to Right Hand Drive (RHD) or is a plant / machinery vehicle.

You will need the following information, when applying for a UVP:

  • your full name and address
  • the vehicle's garage address
  • your telephone number
  • your email address
  • vehicle details, including:
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), chassis or engine number
    • year of manufacture
    • make
    • model
    • body type and
    • colour
  1. Preparing the vehicle for registration in Victoria:
  2. Single Trip or Journey (moving a vehicle from place to place on a one-off basis):
    • The vehicle can be used for a single journey as specified on permit
    • Travel must be by the most direct route only
    • Maximum of 7 days
  3. Construction Zones:
    • Construction vehicles and those vehicles deemed impracticable to meet registration requirements may be used within a construction zone subject to conditions
  4. Tracked Vehicle (all terrain vehicles including snow mobiles):
    • A tracked vehicle that does not meet registration requirements and needs to access the road or road related areas

*It is recommended that you purchase an unregistered vehicle permit when taking an unregistered vehicle to VicRoads for registration, to ensure that you have full TAC compulsory insurance cover for the trip. For more information visit the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) website (External link).

Over dimensional vehicles exempt from registration

Where the vehicle is over dimensional, a heavy vehicle access permit or a light vehicle over dimensional permit may be required in addition to the Unregistered Vehicle Permit.

Using a Victorian UVP interstate

Victorian UVP's issued for interstate travel (e.g. to go to a place of registration or repair), are recognised by interstate authorities. If you need to drive a vehicle from another state (except Western Australia) to Victoria you need to obtain a UVP from the relevant state in which your journey begins.

If you need to travel from Western Australia please contact Department of Transport and Planning(External link) for more information.  

If the vehicle is over-dimensional, or has other unusual characteristics, the relevant interstate authority should be contacted to determine whether there are any particular conditions that should apply within its jurisdiction.

Visiting overseas vehicles

A UVP can be issued to overseas vehicles visiting Victoria that do not have registration in the country of origin. The applicant is required to provide proof (e.g. Entry Visa) that the vehicle is visiting Victoria temporarily.

To get a permit for an unregistered overseas vehicle visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre with the vehicle details and documents.

If the overseas registration is current, a permit is not necessary. However, transport accident cover must be taken out. You can get transport accident cover by applying for a Non Registered Vehicle permit.

To get a Non Registered Vehicle permit you will need to provide the vehicle details and:

You can choose a duration of between:

  • 1 to 28 days to prepare the vehicle for registration in Victoria 
  • 1 to 7 days for a single trip or journey
  • up to 365 days for construction zone or tracked vehicles.

When deciding how long you need the permit for, you should consider:

  • That the permit will commence on the nominated day and expire at midnight on the day nominated
  • The vehicle can only be used on the road between sunrise to sunset
  • You will need to pay for a new permit if you need more time
  • You can't get a refund once the permit period has started.
  • The availability of your vehicle repairer or Licensed Vehicle Tester

If you need the permit type 'Preparation for Registration in Victoria' or 'Single Trip or Journey' you can

For all other permit types:

* A card payment fee (External link) applies

UVP fees

Calculate the UVP fee when you need a permit to: 

  • prepare a vehicle for registration; or
  • drive a vehicle from place to place on a one off basis (permit type Single Trip/Journey).

Visit Club, rally and unregistered vehicle permit fees for construction zone and tracked vehicle permits.

The cost of a UVP depends on the duration, type of vehicle and garaged address. The cost includes a permit fee and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) charge (External link). The TAC charge pays for treatment and support services for people injured in transport accidents.

There are no concessions available.

Before driving a vehicle with a UVP, you need to:

  • read the UVP, and sign it if required
  • if the UVP is printed, affix it to the vehicle’s lower or near side portion of the front windscreen, or to any fixed window
    • if the vehicle doesn’t have a windscreen or fixed windows, the UVP must be affixed to where the vehicle’s rear number plate would normally be displayed
  • if the UVP is electronic, you’ll need to display it (e.g. on your phone) if requested by a Victoria Police member or authorised officer. 
    • if you park and leave the vehicle in a public place, the UVP needs to be printed and affixed to the vehicle.

You must remove number plates from an unregistered vehicle. 

Carrying a load or towing

You're allowed to carry or tow a boat on an unregistered boat trailer as long as you obtain a UVP for the trailer and only use it for a single trip journey.

You can't tow or carry a load on any other unregistered trailer if it has been issued with a UVP.

Towing an unregistered vehicle (without a UVP)

You can move an unregistered vehicle by towing it on a trailer, behind a registered vehicle, or using a towing company.

Towing behind a registered vehicle

If you have a full licence or P2 probationary licence you can tow an unregistered vehicle behind a registered vehicle. When doing this you must:

  • attach a flag (minimum 30cm square) to the rope, chain or wire
  • maintain a maximum space of 4 metres between the vehicles, or 2.5 metres if one is a motorcycle
  • if using a rope, chain or wire, ensure the towed vehicle’s brakes are working
  • the person behind the wheel of the towed vehicle is licensed to drive that towed vehicle.
P1 Probationary licence holders

If you have a P1 probationary licence you cannot tow a vehicle unless:

  • you are doing so as part of your employment and at the request of your employer
  • you are doing so solely in connection with agricultural, horticultural, dairying, pastoral or other similar pursuits, or commercial fishing, or
  • you have an experienced driver sitting beside you and have 'Driver under Instruction' plates displayed on the front and back of the vehicle.

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