Club, rally and unregistered vehicle permit fees

Here are the fees for club, rally & unregistered vehicle permits.

Visit club permit scheme for information on how to get a club permit.


Item 90 days fee 45 days fee
TAC $104.40 $53.90
Permit fee $48.10 $24.00
Log book $3.10 $3.10
Number plates $38.40 $38.40
Total  $194.10 $119.40 


Item 90 days fee 45 days fee
TAC $104.50 $53.90
Permit fee $48.10 $24.00
Log book $3.10 $3.10
Number plates $19.20 $19.20
Total $174.90 $102.20


Item 90 days fee 45 days fee
Permit fee $48.10 $24.00
Log book $3.10 $3.10
Number plates $19.20 $19.20
Total $70.40 $46.30

Replacement Club Permit number plates

Description Fees
One number plate $19.20
Two number plates $38.40

Visit unregistered vehicle permits (UVP) for information on how to get a UVP.

Calculate the UVP fee when you need a permit to:

  • prepare a vehicle for registration (permit type highways) or
  • driving a vehicle from place to place on a one off basis (permit type single trip/journey).

Construction zones and tracked vehicles

The permit fee for a construction zone and tracked vehicles is calculated according to the amount of days required and the garage location of the vehicle. 

The location that the vehicle is garaged will be in one of three risk zones: high, medium or low.  Risk zones are assigned by postcode. The TAC charge is determined by the risk zone in which the car is garaged. Check the TAC charge rates (External link) to determine your risk zone.

The table below has the common durations for a construction zone or tracked vehicle's UVP. If you require a duration that is not listed below, call 13 11 71 to find out the UVP fee for your vehicle.

Carnival or procession permits

A UVP for a carnival float depends on a range of factors including the vehicle modifications and garage address. To find out how much a UVP for your carnival float will cost, call 13 11 71 or visit a Customer Service Centre with the vehicle's description.

Description Fees
Annual Permit Fee $327.60
Number plate charge
$38.00 (pair)
* A TAC charge will apply   

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