Rally permits

The Rally Permit Scheme caters for vehicles used in rallies organised by a national motorsport organisation recognised by VicRoads. Rally permits are a 12 month unregistered vehicle permit (UVP) identified with a 'rally permit' number plate.


To be eligible to apply for a rally permit you must be a member of a car club affiliated with a VicRoads recognised national motorsport organisation (ie. Confederation of Australian Motorsport) and be the holder of a:

  • National Rally Licence (or a higher level competition licence), or
  • an international Rally Licence, or
  • an alternative competition licence approved by VicRoads

A vehicle that is recorded on the Victorian or an interstate Written-off Vehicles Register as a statutory write-off cannot be issued a rally permit.

A vehicle recorded on the Victorian or an interstate Written-off Vehicle Register as a Repairable write-off requires a VIV certificate unless the vehicle is more than 15 years old.

Note: Where a vehicle previously failed a VIV inspection and is now over 15 years old, a VIV certificate is still required.
For more information, please call VicRoads on 13 11 71 or see Written-Off Vehicles Register and written-off vehicles 

Conditions of use

  1. A rally permit is a 12 month unregistered vehicle permit (UVP) which permits the use of a vehicle for the following purposes:
    • during approved rallies conducted by a club affiliated with a national motorsport organisation approved by VicRoads
    • associated transport stages of an approved rally
    • travelling to or from an approved rally
    • in testing the vehicle for an approved rally (letter from CAMS permitting test is required)
    • for reasonable travel to and from a place of repair and for reasonable testing to confirm repair.
  2. The operator of the vehicle must be the holder of a:
    • current National Rally Licence (or higher level competition licence); or
    • a current International Rally Licence, or
    • an alternative competition licence approved by VicRoads.
  3. A log book of a type approved by VicRoads must be maintained and carried in the vehicle when in use.  Motorsport Australia and CAMS Log Books are the only approved type, with CAMS Log Books recognised as being issued by Motorsport Australia.
  4. The permit is not transferable.

To apply for a rally permit for the first time, you will be required to provide the following to VicRoads:

  • a completed Rally Permit application form [PDF 110 Kb]
  • proof of possession of a Victorian driver licence (photocopy required)
  • proof of possession of an approved competition licence (photocopy required)
  • proof of possession of a VicRoads approved vehicle log book (photocopy of vehicle details page required)
  • a Scrutineers Form from a VicRoads approved national motorsport association
  • an approved national motorsport association eligibility form
  • the rally permit fee.

Number plates

Number plates for rally permits consist of:
  • 4 digits followed by the letters RP
  • navy blue background with white characters.

If rally permit number plates are lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed, new number plates with the next available sequential number will be issued. The original number plates will not be reproduced. If one plate is lost or destroyed, the other must be returned and a new set (with a new number) will be issued.


Refunds are not available for rally permits

Approved national motorsport organisations

Currently the only organisation recognised to approve rally permit applications is Motorsport Australia.

All applications for rally permits must be approved by Motorsport Australia, prior to being submitted to VicRoads. All enquiries regarding rally permits, should be addressed to:

Motorsport Australia
275 Canterbury Road
Canterbury VIC 3126

Call: 9593 7777 or 1300 883 959

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