Register and operate a motor trike

Find out what you need to register and operate a motor trike.

What is a motor trike?

A motor trike is a motor vehicle with 3 wheels - and no floorpan ahead of the driver. Common examples include the rear-engined Bontrike, Can Am Spyder, Oztrike, and Harley Davidson motorcycles that are fitted with a two-wheeled rear axle.

A motor trike does not include:  

  • a motorcycle with side car attached, or 
  • a motor vehicle with 3 wheels that has a body type similar to or commonly known as a sedan, station wagon, coupe convertible, roadster, utility, tray or van.

Registering a motor trike

Motor trikes are registered at the same registration fee as a light motor vehicle (i.e. a car)  with a body type of tricar. 

What age can you register?

You must be at least 16 years old to register a motor trike, and must have a motorcycle driver licence or learner permit to ride it on a public road.

Roadworthy requirements

As a motor trike requires a motorcycle driver licence to be operated on the road, any roadworthiness certificates must be obtained from a Licensed Vehicle Tester accredited to conduct inspections for the motorcycle category.

Number plate requirements

Motor trikes are issued with one vehicle (car) number plate to be mounted on the rear of the vehicle.

Please visit our Register a vehicle page for more information.

Licensing requirements

Motor trikes can only be operated with a motorcycle licence or motorcycle learner permit due to the similar vehicle configuration (i.e. handlebar), operating conditions and safety concerns that align to the use of motorcycles (e.g. trike rider being largely unprotected in the event of a collision).

The Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) and pillion passenger restriction applies to riders of motor trikes.

The driver and any passenger must wear approved helmets.

All other probationary and learner permit restrictions also apply.

Please visit our Motorcycle licence and learner permit page for more information.

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