Number plate fees

Find out how much number plates cost.

What do the fees mean?

In the tables below, the ‘first issue fee’ is what you pay when you first register your vehicle or change your plates. The ‘replacement fee’ is what you pay when your existing number plates have been lost or damaged and you’d like to have the same ones replaced. Go to Replace lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen plates for more.
First issue fee 1 replacement
plate fee
2 replacements
plate fee
General issue plate
Standard size: $39.20

Slimline plates: $170*
Standard size: $36.20

Slimline plates: $85.20
Standard size: $72.40

Slimline plates: $170.40*
Motorcycle #
Motorcycle plate

Standard size:

Slimline size: N/A
Bike rack for light vehicle #
Bike rack plate
$36.20 $36.20 N/A
Exempt trailer #
Exempt trailer plate
Recreation motorcycle #
Recreational plate


Farm bike #
Farm bike plate
Light trailer #
Trailer plate

# single plate issued

What’s a custom plate? 

Custom plates mean choosing your own mix of letters, numbers and style.

You can:

  • Create a new plate.
  • Re-style your current plate.
  • Choose a pre-made style.

Get started on the Custom Plates website

How much does it cost?

Prices of custom plates vary but you can go to the Custom Plates website to find out more.

Can I get custom plates for my trailer or bike rack?

Yes. Go to Trailer & bike rack plates (External link) for more information.

Plate type First issue fee 1 replacement plate  2 replacement plates
National heavy vehicle plate

(2 plates)

 $27.10 $54.20             
National heavy trailer plate
(1 plate)
 $27.10 N/A
National heavy vehicle bike rack plate
(1 plate)
 $27.10 N/A

Interstate NHV plates

If you already have a new NHV plate, from a participating state jurisdiction, then you won’t need to purchase new plates when moving to Victoria. If you’re transiting through Victoria and need to get replacement plates you can do this at VicRoads if you’re part of the new NHV program. 

Transactions Fee 
The plate assignment fee is $132.60. Please note, this fee does not apply to heavy vehicle plates or the first time a custom or personalised plate is assigned to a registered vehicle. $132.60
Change of number for a light vehicle (two new general issue plates)  $39.20
Change of number for a heavy vehicle/heavy trailer (two new national heavy vehicle plates or one new heavy trailer plate)
Change of colour (available for 3 x 3, Personalised, Custom, Custom Mix plates) $195 
Slimline (additional fee per plate)  $85.20
Bike rack number plate surround $8.30

Electric-powered vehicle number plate labels (pair)


Hydrogen-powered vehicle number plate labels (pair)

Euro plate holder (each) $19.80
Mini Euro plate (additional fee per plate) $49.00
LPG vehicle label kit (pair of LPG stickers, pair of small metal plates and rivets) $3.70
Registration label holder (trailer or motorcycle) $4.10
Price includes choice of colour1 First issue fee 1 replacement plate 2 replacement plates
Previous General Issue (green on white originally) AAA.000 to FZZ.999 and RAA.000 to RBZ.999 $495.00
$125.00 $195.00
Previous General Issue (blue on white originally) NAA.000 to TZZ.999 $495.00 $125.00
Previous General Issue (black and white originally) GAA.000 to LZZ.999 $495.00 $125.00 $195.00
Future General Issue (blue on white) $495.00 $35.60
Motorcycle Future General Issue (blue on white) 1A.1AA - 1Z.9ZZ
$495.00 $35.60

1An additional fee of $49 per plate will apply to convert to slimline option.

POA means Price on application

Plate type First issue fee 1 replacement plate 2 replacement plates
Aboriginal Australia
Aboriginal Australia plates
POA $125.00 $195.00
Gippsland plate
No longer available $125.00 $195.00
Ham Radio
Ham Radio plate
$495.00 $125.00 $195.00
Landcare Victoria
Landcare plates
POA $125.00 $195.00
Melbourne City of Enterprise
Melbourne City of Enterprize plate
POA $125.00 $195.00
Penny the little Penguin'
(FINA World Swimming Championships)
Penny the little penguin plate
No longer available $125.00 $195.00
Regional plates
(Ballarat (shown), Bendigo, Maldon, Swan Hill)
Ballarat plate
POA $125.00 $195.00
Service Clubs (Lions and Rotary)
Lions club plate
Rotary club plate
POA $125.00 $195.00
Thoroughbred Country
Thoroughbred country plate
POA $125.00 $195.00
Victorian Harness Racing
Victorian Harness racing plate
POA $125.00 $195.00
Victorian Maronite Community
Victorian Maronite Community plate
POA $125.00 $195.00
Mansfield - Mt Buller
Mansfield Plate
No longer available $125.00 $195.00
National Servicemen's Association
National Servicemen plate
$180.00 $125.00 $195.00
Victoria - Olympians on the Move
(Image not available)
No longer available $125.00 $195.00
Centenary of Federation
Centenary of federation plate
No longer available $125.00 $195.00
(image not available)
No longer available $125.00 $195.00
Commemorative plate
No longer available $125.00 $195.00
Commonwealth Games 2006 - 'Karak'
Commonwealth Games 2006 'Karak' plate
No longer available $125.00 $195.00

These plates are only available if you meet certain criteria.

Plate type First issue fee 1 replacement plate 2 replacement plates
Bus accreditation
Bus accreditation plate



Consular Corp
Consular Corps plate



Government vehicle (red plates)
Government plate
$39.20 No Fee N/A
Ministerial Plate

No Fee

$36.20 $72.40
Metropolitan taxi plate 



Tow truck
Tow Truck Plate



Trade plate #
Vehicle trade plate



Vehicle Hire (VHD.003-VHZ.999)

 $39.20 $36.20 $72.40

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