Don't get scammed

Watch for fraud. Criminals use every opportunity to trick innocent people to steal money, data and identity details. The methods hackers use are getting more sophisticated.

Incorrect renewal fees SMS

Some of our customers have received registration renewal notices with an incorrect fee. Impacted customers will be sent a new renewal notice with the correct fee.

If you've been affected, you may also receive an SMS from us letting you know. The SMS from us will not contain any links.

SMS fraud

Bad people have sent SMS messages to Victorians trying to impersonate VicRoads. Aside from spreading false information, these messages are designed to make people click on malicious links so hackers can capture sensitive information or install malware....

If you have received an SMS communication claiming to be from VicRoads and it appears suspicious, do not click any links or try to reply to the sender. Delete the message immediately. Report the incident to VicRoads and report it to the Federal Government's ScamWatch website (External link), where you can see other scams reported across Australia.

VicRoads only sends SMS/text messages to:

  • people who have upcoming appointments
  • those whose registration or licence renewal is upcoming

These images show examples that are not from VicRoads and not authorised by our organisation.

Sample fraudulent SMSs

Report a scam

Report scams to the Australian Signals Directorate - Recognised and report scams (External link).

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