Evaluating Investment Outcomes

We are committed to investing in our community through our plans and practices. 

Image showing the investment lifecycleAs an outcome driven organisation, VicRoads has adopted an Investment Management Approach (IMA), which is a holistic approach to how VicRoads plans, delivers and learns from the investments it makes on behalf of the community. 

VicRoads has worked collaboratively with Victorian and national stakeholders to develop best practice frameworks, tools and processes to help embed this approach across the organisation.

VicRoads Benefit Management Framework (BMF) [PDF 699Kb] provides a line of sight from investment level indicators to benefits that VicRoads aims to achieve and the government level outcomes, providing a consistent approach to identifying, monitoring and evaluating the success of investments across VicRoads.

VicRoads Investment Evaluation Framework (IEF) [PDF 3.38Mb] provides a one-stop-shop for principles, policy positions and guidance for undertaking post completion evaluation of projects and programs in VicRoads. The Framework aims to provide a consistent approach to planning, undertaking and delivering post completion evaluations whilst capturing any lessons learnt from the planning and delivery process.

Evaluation Findings 

Through the Investment Evaluation Framework VicRoads is taking a proactive approach to transparency about our performance by publishing project and program evaluation findings. Evaluation findings will be published here as they become available.


Monash Freeway Managed Motorway - October 2018 [DOCX 1.8Mb]

High Street Road Duplication - Stud Road to Burwood Highway [DOCX 6.9Mb]

Sladen Street Duplication Post Completion [PDF 190Kb]


Project Evaluation Finding -  Bass Highway Traffic Signals [PDF 276Kb]

Project Evaluation Finding - Princes Highway East Truck Rest Area Signage Upgrade [PDF 219Kb]

Project Evaluation Finding - Lance Creek Compact Roundabout [PDF 246Kb]

Drysdale Ocean Grove Road (Tuckfield Street) and Marlin Drive Traffic Signals [PDF 618Kb]

Surfcoast Highway and Corio Waurn Ponds Road, Belmont, Greater Geelong - Bus Lane [PDF 416 Kb]

Nerrena Road B-double Route Improvements, Leongatha [PDF 352 Kb]

McKenzie River Rest Area – Princes Highway East [PDF 406 Kb]

Princes Highway East Overtaking Lanes,  Nowa Nowa to Orbost [PDF 435 Kb]

Nagambie Bypass - Post Evaluation Findings [PDF 408 KB]

Hume Highway Bridge Strengthening - Clonbinane [PDF 412 KB]

Princes Freeway East \ Sand Road Interchange Project [PDF 359 Kb]

Calder Freeway/Kings Road Interchange Upgrade &  Kings Road Duplication [PDF 595 Kb]

Post Completion Evaluation Report Strzelecki Highway Revised [PDF 1MB]

Post Completion Evaluation Report Leongatha Truck Bypass 2019_07_31_Rev3 [PDF 870 Kb

Evaluation Report Mount Drummer Truck Turn Arounds Rev2 Final [PDF 2.7 Mb]

Evaluation Report  Murrungowar Rest Area Rev3 [PDF 1.6Mb]

Evaluation Report Bruthen Nowa Nowa Rev1 [PDF 861 Kb]

Evaluation - Great Ocean Road and Camp Road Roundabout Improvement, Anglesea [PDF 349 Kb]

Project Evaluation - Midland Highway Overtaking Lanes Project - Bannockburn to Meredith [PDF 4.1Mb]

Project Evaluation Finding - Shell Parade, Wharf Road and Lowe Road access improvements [PDF 319 Kb]

Project Evaluation Finding - Bayside Road Delineation/Signage Improvements- Chanelisation of the Princes Highway West north bound off ramp on to Bayside Road [PDF 248 Kb]

Project Evaluation Finding - Pioneer Road Duplication Stage 2 (Additional Duplication to Meadowvale Drive and Upgrade Works) [PDF 205 Kb]

Project Evaluation Finding - Midland Highway (Napier Street) Weeroona Avenue to Hall Street, Bendigo Capacity Improvement Project [PDF 305 Kb]

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