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VicRoads International conducts overseas projects on behalf of the State Government of Victoria.

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VicRoads has expertise in developing technology for vehicle registration and driver licensing systems which can be applied internationally.

Our commercial division, VicRoads International, plays a part in creating registration and licensing projects for our international clients, using our organisation’s extensive knowledge base and technical support.

As policy adviser to the Victorian Government and revenue collector for registration and licensing services throughout Victoria, we’re leaders in research when it comes to developing national strategies that can improve the integrity, integration, and security of vehicle and driver data. 

What we do

We’re responsible for licensing over four million drivers in Victoria, and registering more than 5.8 million cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses and trailers for the Victorian road network.

Our electronic licence testing system is also available in 20 languages and can be used for cars, motorbikes, heavy vehicles, and boats. Road test

The demerit points system we use encourages people to be more careful on the road. If drivers misbehave on the road, they risk losing points that could eventually lead to their licence or learner permit being suspended. 

We’ve also developed the Hazard Perception Test, a world-first interactive program that tests the skills of an inexperienced driver. This program will assess a driver’s reaction to traffic situations, and their ability to make safe driving decisions. 

Efficient customer service 

Efficient customer service programs are the focus point for our customer service centres and agencies across Victoria.  

We listen to our customers and community groups to find out what’s important to them. We developed the myVicRoads online account system in response to our customer feedback. This system lets customers pay their vehicle registration online, update personal details, check their licence conditions and status, and receive email and text reminders about due dates for payments. 

Using our website, auto traders can register vehicles, fleet operators can renew vehicle registrations, and transport organisations can access driver and licence status reports electronically.

Our customers can also order number plates online, and find detailed information before purchasing second-hand vehicles. 

Get in touch 

For innovative and cutting-edge road transport solutions, we’re here to help.

Want to empower your community to influence its social, economic and environmental development through best practice registration and licensing solutions? Contact us today.

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