Short-term registration

So you like the idea of short-term rego? Find out if you’re eligible and how to get set up before your next renewal is due.

About short-term rego

Short-term rego lets you register your vehicle for shorter three or six month registration periods. That means less money upfront compared to an annual lump sum. We’ll let you know when your registration period is coming to an end, but if your registration isn't paid in full by the due date, your vehicle will be unregistered – as it would if you forgot to pay your 12 month rego renewal on time. Penalties apply for driving an unregistered vehicle and it can be costly to get it back on the road.

If you prefer, you can still pay for a 12 month rego.

Will I be eligible?

Short-term registration is available if you drive one of the following:

  • car
  • ute
  • van
  • motorbike, or
  • mobile plant vehicle.

Heavy vehicles and heavy trailers have had short-term registrations options for some time.  

Please note that short-term registration isn't available for light trailers, caravans, boats or vessels.

How can I apply?

The easiest way for you to select a short-term rego is to set up or log in to your myVicRoads account, and select your chosen registration period from three or six months. 

If your rego is due, you can only do this Monday to Friday 7:30am - 8:15pm, Saturday 7:30am - 8:15pm or Sunday 12:00pm - 8:15pm.  If it’s not due, you can change your rego period whenever you like.

Sign up to myVicRoads

Register your interest in myVicRoads business account

How does it work?

Short-term registration is not an instalment payment as each short-term period you choose is its own separate registration period. 

Short-term rego is also different to an unregistered vehicle permit. 

You can pay for your short-term registration the same way you normally do (e.g. online, phone etc). However, an additional fee of $2.45 will apply for each renewal.

Please note that the registration fee increases on 1 July each year. This is also applied to the short-term rego renewal process.

Have a concession or discount?

If you have one of the following applied to your vehicle you're still eligible for a discount on your registration:

  • pensioner concession
  • Health Care Card concession (see below for details)
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs concession
  • primary producer concession
  • apprentice discount (see below for details)
  • hybrid vehicle discount.

The $2.45 service fee doesn't apply to concession card holders.

Health Care Card concession

Your concession card must be valid when your rego is due. If it expires before this, you’ll need to pay the non-concession price.

Apprentice discount

If you have an apprentice discount you can choose a short-term registration period. However, you’ll need to re-apply for your apprentice discount before the end of each registration period. This includes re-submitting your application (and supporting paperwork) and undergoing employer checks.

What happens when a vehicle is transferred?

When a vehicle is transferred, the registration period automatically reverts to 12 months. Once you get your registration renewal, you can opt to change to a short-term renewal.

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