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VicRoads International conducts overseas projects on behalf of the State Government of Victoria.

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We’re global leaders in road safety, and constantly working towards reducing the number of lives lost on our roads using our comprehensive program of evidence-based initiatives.

Nobody should lose their lives or be injured on our roads, and so we are strongly committed to improving the safety of all road users through the Safe System.

Our commercial division, VicRoads International, plays a part in managing road safety projects for our international clients, using our organisation’s extensive knowledge base and technical support.

We were the first state in the world to introduce wearing seat belts as a law, random breath testing, bike helmets and a drug driving test. Victoria is the trailblazer state of road safety expertise, with our main goal to create a Safe System for all road users. Many of our innovative road safety initiatives have been adopted internationally and employed throughout Australia as national standard. 

Through the Towards Zero road safety initiative, we’re steadily working towards lowering the number of lives lost on Victorian roads to under 200 by 2020 – by installing more than 2000 kilometres of flexible road safety barriers, which have proven to reduce run-off-road and head-on crashes by as much as 85%.

Capacity building 

An important part of our road safety initiative is capacity building, where we offer programs to our international clients that will develop and strengthen their organisation’s reviews and reforms. Truck on highway

As policy adviser to the Victorian government, we have extensive knowledge in developing legislation and directing processes for financing, management and operation of the state’s road network. 

Our capacity building programs are flexible and can be tailored to meet specific needs. From classroom training to site visits and group activities, programs can be run in Australia or our client’s home country. With great experience in rapidly changing work environments and a focus on sustainability, we set our clients up to be self-sufficient for long-term success. 

Capacity building modules are available across these fields:  

  • Institutional strengthening 
  • Roadway engineering and design 
  • Traffic engineering 
  • Environmental management 
  • Roadside management 
  • Geotechnical engineering 
  • Pavement technology 
  • Road construction. 

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