Reducing noise during drive tests at licence testing centres

We're helping to reduce noise pollution in Victoria.

VicRoads is committed to working with local residents to reduce noise around our licence testing centres (LTCs).

From 11 December 2023, car horns will no longer be tested on site as part of drive tests conducted with driving instructors. Instead, driving instructors will need to test their horn off-site before all pre-drive checks at a VicRoads licence testing centre.

For safety reasons, solo drivers will still need to test their horns as part of the pre-drive checks.

As around 70 percent of candidates sit their test with a driving instructor, residents around our licence testing sites will hear far fewer horns throughout each business day

Information for driving instructors

From 11 December 2023, driving instructors who wish to participate in a VicRoads drive test in their own vehicle must complete an acknowledgement form [PDF 274kb].

The form is to confirm that when you accompany a drive test participant for a test in your vehicle at a VicRoads site:

  • You have tested the vehicle’s horn offsite to ensure it is fully functioning, as part of meeting all roadworthiness requirements.
  • Each applicant you accompany for a drive test has consistently demonstrated during lessons that they know how to use the horn.

You’ll only need to complete one form each year to cover all VicRoads drive tests you participate in at a VicRoads site.

You’ll be asked to sign a new form by 30 June each year for the year ahead. The acknowledgement forms are also available at all VicRoads licence testing centres.

We thank you for helping us to reduce noise for local residents.

For more information, please talk to a staff member when you next attend a VicRoads site.

Use of VicRoads car park after hours

We’d like to remind learners and local driving instructors not to use VicRoads car parks when we’re closed. This includes parking a vehicle, driving practice or horn testing.

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