Document user agreement

These documents may form part of a suite of documents used by VicRoads for its own projects. VicRoads makes these documents available for use or reference but does so only on the following basis:

Use of documents

  • Documents are used by members of the public at their own risk.
  • VicRoads does not warrant the correctness, accuracy or appropriateness of the documents for any purpose.
  • VicRoads does not warrant that the documents are current or comply with Australian Standards.
  • VicRoads has no ongoing responsibility to inform you of any matter coming to VicRoads notice which may affect the quality of these documents in any way.

These documents may be referenced in VicRoads tender documents which may provide additional information, clarification or jurisdiction specific information. Each document may be part of a specification and may cross reference other parts. Tender documentation referencing these documents, may also have project specific information inserted and/or appended to each part as appropriate.

The application of information contained in these documents on VicRoads contract works is generally overseen by experienced professional officers who are familiar with the intent and content of the documents.

Disclaimer on document use

If you use these documents for any purpose whatsoever (in particular using them in a contract where the Roads Corporation is not the Principal) you do so at your own risk.

By downloading any document from this site, you acknowledge and agree to the above and to VicRoads Copyright.

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