Card payment fees

A merchant fee of 0.54% is applied to all VISA and MasterCard transactions. This fee helps us recover the costs we’re charged by the banks.

Please note: this fee also applies to payWave, paypass and other 'tap and go' payment methods that use VISA or MasterCard credit functions.

Merchant fee examples

Payment Cost  Card payment fee
Learner Permit Test Online $25.40 $0.13
Learner Permit Test In-person $45.00 $0.24
Drive test $66.70  $0.36
3 year licence renewal $85.50 $0.46
10 year licence renewal $292.80 $1.58
Registration renewal (3 months)^ $218.60 $1.18
Registration renewal (6 months)^ $434.70 $2.35
Registration renewal (12 months)^ $864.40 $4.67

^ Based on the standard light vehicle renewal amount

Can I avoid this fee?

This fee only applies to transactions using your VISA or MasterCard. If you use your 'Savings' or 'Cheque' account or pay by cash, EFTPOS, cheque, money order or BPAY*, this fee will not apply.

Please note: Credit options are not available via BPAY.

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