Change of address - additional information

Legally you must update your address within 14 days of moving. Update your details, including your address, easily and securely with a myVicRoads account. This will ensure you don’t miss important mail and put yourself at risk of driving illegally.

Any notice sent to the postal or mailing address on your VicRoads customer record, is taken to be received by you, seven days after the date of the notice, even if the notice gets returned undelivered. 

We’ll only re-issue a notice if you can provide supporting evidence that the original notice wasn’t received. 

How to update your address


Log-in to your myVicroads account to update your home or postal address. If you don’t have a myVicroads account, you can sign up today.

By Phone 

Call us on 13 11 71 with your new address and we’ll update our records for you.

Will I need a new licence?

No, you won’t need a new licence or learner permit because when you update your details, we’ll send you a ‘Change of Address Notice and label’ with your new address to stick on the back of your licence or learner permit. 

Can I get mail sent to a different address?

Sure! If you’d prefer mail to be sent to somewhere other than your residential address, you can update us with a Victorian, interstate or overseas postal address.

A Roadside Delivery (RSD) or Rural Mail Box (RMB) address is okay if your ‘garage address’ can’t be identified by street or road name. When we say a ‘garage address’, this just means the place your vehicle is normally kept.

If you have an interstate or overseas address

This is okay as long as you’ve got a current Victorian driver licence or learner permit. You’ll also need to have a Victorian garage address for any of your registered vehicles.

For company registered vehicles or vessels

You can change your address through your myVicRoads account. If you don’t have a myVicRoads account you’ll need to provide us with a letter of authority at a VicRoads Customer Service Centre, from your director or nominated representative for us to change your address. 

When you’ll need to contact us

Call us on 131171 or visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre to change your address if you:

What you’ll need 

Before you call or visit, it’s a good idea for you to have some information ready: 

  • your driver licence or learner permit number.
  • your current and new home address and/or postal address. 
  • your vehicle registration number as well as make and model.

What if I have an interstate vehicle? 

If you’re moving to Victoria and need to register an interstate vehicle, go to Register an interstate vehicle to find out more.

Need more help?

Call us on 13 11 71 and speak to one of our friendly staff who can help.


Bushfire relief assistance

If you’ve been affected by the bushfires in one of the declared State of Disaster areas, VicRoads will provide assistance to help with your registration and licensing services.

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