Submit a drive manually

Learn how you can submit a drive without using the myLearners app.

Adding a drive manually can be helpful in situations where:

  • a learner doesn’t have their phone available or it ran out of battery during a drive
  • the app didn’t record the drive or was unavailable
  • the supervisor for a particular drive was not the usual supervisor for the learner. For example, they are from interstate or a visiting relative

Before a drive is submitted manually, it’s important to know that: 

  • A single drive can’t be longer than two hours
  • A total of 10 hours of the required 120 hours can be entered manually
  • The myLearners app is still the primary way to submit drives

Who can submit the drive?

Only the supervisor who is linked to the learner through their myVicRoads account (External link) can submit a drive manually.

How to submit a drive manually

  • The supervisor needs to log in to their  myVicRoads account (External link) using their username and password.
  • From within your account go to to the myLearners section
  • Click on ‘Add drive manually’
  • Add drive details, review and submit
  • If the learner did their drive with a different supervising driver, then this person’s name, licence number and expiry also needs to be provided.

All  supervising drivers (External link)  must have:

  • a current, full (not probationary) Australian driver licence, that authorises that person to drive the type of vehicle that is being driven by the learner, or
  • a current full (not probationary or provisional) overseas driver licence that authorises them to drive the type of vehicle being driven by the learner

Go to myVicRoads (External link)

Will the hours entered manually be added to my total?

Yes. Both the learner and supervisor can see the total hours logged which will include any manually entered hours. 

What happens if the manual entry takes me over 120 hours?

This will trigger the declaration message to say the learner has reached 120 hours, just the same as if the drive had been entered using the app. 

Can I use the myLearners app to submit drives manually?

No. Drives can only be entered manually by a supervisor who has a myVicRoads account and is linked to the learner who has done the drive. This must be done through myVicRoads account and not the myLearners app.

Where can I see which drives have been entered manually?

There is a record of the manual entry in the drive details.  Supervisors will be able to see which drives have been entered manually from within their myVicRoads account and on the app.

What if I have done a practice drive that is longer than two hours?

For your safety and the safety of others, learners should not do drives longer than two hours. If the drive was longer than this, the system will still log it but only for two hours. These two hours will still add to your total hours. 

Why is there a limit of 10 hours? 

The app continues to be the primary way to submit and approve drives. This feature is there to support learners when they may have an occasional issue with their device, accessing the app or if someone other than their usual supervisor has taken them for a drive. 

What happens if I have more than 10 hours of drives that I haven’t been able to submit using the app?

We aren’t able to accept more than 10 hours of drives entered manually. The app is the primary way to enter drives and this feature is available as an alternative when there is an occasional need.

Do I have to update my app? 

In future, to find the link to the manual entry feature on your myLearners app, you will need to update it through the App store or Google Play Store to version 1.5.0. 
Version 1.4.2 will still work but you won’t be able to see the link to the manual entry information

Can I edit a drive?

Not at this stage. If you have incorrectly recorded a drive (i.e. forgot to stop it at the end of the drive), the supervisor should reject the drive then use the manual entry feature to input the correct details. 

What happens if users submit the same trip details twice? Will a duplicate entry be recognised/and error etc?

If a supervisor accidentally submits the same trip details twice, the duplicate entry will get rejected. It is not possible to enter overlapping dates and times. 

What if I've forgotten my username and password to myVicRoads account? 

To access your myVicRoads account you'll need your username and password. To reset your password, click 'Forgotten password' from the 'Personal' login tab.

Why was this feature implemented?

This feature has been planned for some time and is not related to the app outage in early June 2020. It is part of our ongoing enhancements to continually improve the online experience for learners and supervisors.

Why isn’t this function available in the app?

This feature has been designed for supervisors only, so at this stage it can only be accessed from within their myVicRoads account. We will continue to explore the possibility of making it available in the app.

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