Vehicle registration appointment

Complete the questions below to find out which appointment you need to book.

If you are subject to a Fines Victoria sanction or have a Fines Victoria sanction pending you may not be able to proceed with your appointment. Your appointment fees will be forfeited. For more information contact Fines Victoria on 1300 396 851.

Online appointments aren't available for the following:

  • heavy vehicle registrations
  • machinery (eg, a forklift, tractor)
  • vessels (eg, boat or personal watercraft)
  • vehicles currently registered in WA, SA, Tas, ACT

Call 13 11 71 or visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre to book your appointment.

You do not need a registration appointment for:

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What type of vehicle do you need to register? 
Is the vehicle currently (or has it ever been) modified, imported or written off since it was first registered? Even if this occurred many years before you purchased the vehicle we still need to know about it. 

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