Compulsory land acquisition process

An overview of the compulsory land acquisition process.

What does the land acquisition process include?

  1. Contact will begin
    If your land will be impacted by proposed works on-going contact between VicRoads and you will begin. We will discuss the road proposition and how your land may be affected. 

  2. Project approval announced
    Once the project has been formally approved the public will be notified through a notice in the Victorian Government Gazette.

  3. Formal Acquisition Process begins
    You will receive a Notice of Intention to Acquire (NOITA). The NOITA will include an outline of the land required by VicRoads.

  4. Notice of Acquisition
    You will receive a Notice of Acquisition which vests the land outlined in the NOITA in VicRoads’ name, meaning you are no longer the owner of that portion of land.

  5. Possession
    Once we reach the possession stage you will no longer be able to use or access the land that VicRoads has acquired.

  6. Offer of compensation
    If you wish to be paid an advance in compensation after receiving the initial offer of compensation, you will be paid within 30 days of VicRoads receiving a written request.

  7. Response to Offer
    You can respond to the initial offer of compensation in three ways. 
    1. Accept in full
    2. Accept in part
    3. Reject and submit a claim

  8. VicRoads reply to response to offer
    VicRoads will either:
    1. Accept your claim
    2. Restate our earlier offer
    3. Outline a revised offer.

  9. Disputed claim
    Should VicRoads and the owner not agree to the compensation payable, the matter can be referred to either VCAT or the Supreme Court for determination. 


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