How will I know if my land will be acquired?

How to know if your land is going to be acquired.

Compulsory acquisition of land is undertaken by VicRoads in accordance with the Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986. It can usually only occur once your land has been reserved for a public purpose in the relevant Planning Scheme, also known as a Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO) or the project area is designated under the MTPFA (if this is the case we will discuss this further with you). A Public Acquisition Overlay reserves land for a public purpose and indicates that your land has been designated for compulsory acquisition. The Public Acquisition Overlay may also restrict the use and development of your land. 

The Planning Scheme amendment process is overseen by the Minister of planning, independent of VicRoads. You will be notified if your land is being reserved for a public purpose and will be given an opportunity to express your views. If you are unsure if your land is currently reserved for public purpose you can find out by visiting the planning scheme website and viewing your area’s planning overlay map. There may be other circumstances where VicRoads may acquire land without a reservation.


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