Transfer to/from a family member

If you’re transferring a vehicle to/from a child or family member who is not your spouse or domestic partner, you’ll need to notify VicRoads within 14 days of transfer. 

If you’re transferring a vehicle to an adult child or other family member, the steps to sell a registered vehicle must be followed, including the provision of a Certificate of Roadworthiness  and the payment of applicable transfer fee and motor vehicle duty by the family member acquiring the vehicle (unless exempt for other reasons, e.g. vehicle type).

There are no special provisions for transfers between family members, except those between spouses or domestic partners.

In Victoria, the minimum eligible age that a vehicle can be registered in the name of an individual is: 

  • 18 years for a motorcycle or heavy vehicle
  • 16 years for light vehicles and trailers.

If the individual is below the minimum eligible age, you cannot transfer a vehicle into their name. Instead, a vehicle can be transferred to a nominee (a person who is nominated to act on behalf of another person) until the minor reaches eligible age.

To transfer the vehicle to a nominee you’ll need:

When the vehicle registration is being transferred from the nominee into the name of the minor who has reached eligible age, you’ll need to provide:

This transfer does not require a Certificate of Roadworthiness or payment of fees.


Other types of transfers:

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