Apply to be an approved vehicle club

Information on how to apply to be a VicRoads approved vehicle club and the responsibilities and obligations of participating in the Club Permit Scheme.

To apply to become an approved vehicle club or association, an approved office bearer of the club must apply in writing to us.

The application MUST contain:

  • an original letter signed by a club office bearer including: 
    1. the names, addresses, contact details, driver licence numbers of the club’s executives
    2. the names, addresses contact details, driver licence numbers and specimen signatures of any individuals who act as club bearers, safety officers and/or scrutineers
    3. the date the club was established
    4. the number of existing members at the time of application
    5. the types of vehicles and a range of the ages of the vehicles accepted by the club
    6. the estimated number of vehicles for which permits will be required initially
    7. whether the club is an incorporated association
    8. details of the number and types of events held annually by the club and whether interstate travel is involved.
  • A fully completed and signed Club Permit Agreement [PDF 77kb].
  • A fully completed and signed Approved club office bearers and scrutineers form [PDF 183kb]

Submitting applications

You can submit the application by:

Assessment of application

We will assess the application and if it is unsuccessful, a letter will be sent to the club informing them of the reason why, and any actions that are required to be taken in order for the application to proceed.

When the application is accepted, the club will receive a letter to confirm the successful application and we will enter the club on the VicRoads list of approved vehicle clubs and associations.

The ongoing responsibilities of approved vehicle club and associations form part of the Club Permit agreement [PDF 77kb].

Office bearer changes

Whenever an authorised office bearer changes, a new list of all authorised office bearers, their sample signatures and driver licence numbers must be provided to us within 14 days.

The approved club office bearers and scrutineers form [PDF 50kb] can be used.

Maintaining a register of Club Permit holders and vehicles

Clubs are required to maintain a current register of Club Permit holders and vehicles. We may request in writing a copy of the register and it must be supplied within 14 days.

The club’s register should contain at a minimum for each vehicle:
  • the permit number
  • the year, make and model of the vehicle
  • the operators name and address
  • whether the operator is a current member
  • the date of the most recent inspection of the vehicle by the Club Safety Officer / Scrutineer 

We may, on request, provide a club membership report to the club for the purpose of cross checking records.

Endorsing new Club Permit applications

When an authorised official of the club endorses a Club Permit application they are declaring that the club is stating the following is true and correct for the Club Permit vehicle:

  • The permit applicant is a current member of the above club
  • The vehicle is an eligible vehicle within the meaning of Chapter 3, Part 3.4 of the Road Safety (Vehicles) Interim Regulations 2020
  • The vehicle meets the vehicle standards as declared on the Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration form provided with the Club Permit application 
  • The items listed on the Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration form (for example, certificate of roadworthiness etc.) under the indicated eligible vehicle category are provided in accordance with the declaration. 
  • The club is in possession of photographs of the vehicle. 

Maintaining photographs of all vehicles

It is a requirement at the time of endorsing a vehicle for a club permit the club has dated photographs that include images for

  • for cars and trucks of the front, driver’s side, rear, driving position (side on with the driver’s door open) and
  • for motorcycles of both side and rear of the motorcycle.

Where possible, any identifiers such as chassis number and engine number should also be photographed.

Endorsing renewals of club permit vehicles

When endorsing Club Permit renewals the club is confirming that the renewal applicant is a current member of the club. It is recommended to also update your register of Club Permit holders and vehicles at this time.

Notifying us of safety issues or modifications outside the guidelines endorsed by your vehicle club.

Clubs must promptly notify a member of suspected safety issues or non-compliance with the Vehicle Standards and/or modification guidelines and require that these issues are rectified within 14 days. If issues are not resolved by the member within this time, an authorised officer of the club must notify us in writing by sending a letter to:

Licence and Registration Services
GPO Box 1644
Melbourne Vic 3001

Non-compliant and inappropriate use of a vehicle on a Club Permit could result in the club’s approval to participate in the Club Permit Scheme being revoked, where the club fails to take necessary action.

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