What does my rego pay for?

Owning and running a car is a necessity for most Victorians to live their lives each day. From everyday costs to overall car maintenance and servicing, there’s no doubt owning a car is one of our biggest ongoing financial responsibilities.

It’s reasons like this that we’ve introduced short term registration to help you pay for your rego at your pace. But what does your rego actually pay for?

In Victoria, registration renewal costs are split into two parts:

1. Your registration fee

2. The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) fee (External link)

The TAC charge is third party insurance which is put towards supporting those who are injured on our roads.

On average, 45,000 people are supported every year in their recovery from a road accident by the TAC, with funds put towards treatment and income support to help those injured get their lives back on track.

The registration and licence fees we collect are paid into something called the Government’s Consolidated Fund (GCF). The money in this fund is put back into a range of Government services like road programs, transport, education and health services, which help Victorians each day.

Building better road infrastructure

The GCF helps us maintain, redevelop and build better roads and road related infrastructure for the future.

Every year we invest billions of dollars into projects across the whole state, because each region is equally important, but all require something a little different. 

While there is no ‘one size fits all’ fix for the whole of Victoria’s road system, the GCF fund helps us find the best solution for better Victorian roads for all users; drivers, riders, pedestrians and cyclists.  Everyone who pays tax contributes to the improvements in the road system.

Funding for roads is also provided by the Federal Government through specific project grants and local government through rates. Local government has the largest network of roads and funds the greatest part of the road network. 

For more information about this work, visit Planning and Projects.

Keeping you safe

A number of programs that help keep Victorians safe are funded through the GCF.

From road safety barriers to better road education and mentoring programs, your contribution helps us to provide you with the knowledge and infrastructure you need to get to your destination safely.

Find out more about our road safety programs at Safety and Road Rules.

Traffic Management

With the help of your rego fee contribution, our Traffic Management Centre (TMC) can work 24/7 to monitor traffic flow and respond to issues across the Victorian road network.

If there is an issue, our Incident Response Service (IRS) is on patrol along Victoria’s highways, ready to clear the road after serious accidents to avoid more incidents and help return your roads to normal driving conditions.

Discover more about how we manage traffic flow at Traffic Management.

VicRoads says thank you

Your registration and licence renewal doesn’t just keep you licensed or your vehicle on the road for another year, it also helps build, maintain and improve Victoria.



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