Vehicles exempt from roadworthiness requirements

Some vehicles don't require a Certificate of Roadworthiness when they are registered. 

Brand new vehicles

You won't need a Certificate of Roadworthiness if your vehicle is brand new (other than a taxi (External link)

A brand new vehicle is a vehicle that has never previously been registered in Victoria or another jurisdiction, and any kilometres on the speedometer are incurred during delivery and sale of the vehicle to the owner prior to initial registration.

Trailers and other vehicles

You won’t need a Certificate of Roadworthiness for these vehicle types:

Specially constructed vehicles

The requirement for a Certificate of Roadworthiness doesn't apply to vehicles that are not designed primarily for carrying passengers or goods on a highway and determined to be a specially constructed vehicle. 

Roadworthy exemptions don't apply to specially constructed vehicles that are fitted on a truck cab and chassis. 

These vehicle types may be exempt from roadworthy requirements:

  • asphalt spreader
  • auto header
  • back actor
  • back hoe
  • back-end loader
  • bean harvester
  • bottom dump truck
  • bucket loader
  • bulldozer
  • bull grader
  • bull loader shovel
  • carry lift platform
  • coal loader
  • combine
  • combine harvester
  • concrete dumper
  • crawler trencher
  • digger
  • ditcher
  • dragline excavator
  • drain digger
  • dumper
  • duo pactor
  • earth ditcher
  • earth scoop
  • excavator
  • footpath roller
  • forklift
  • fork loader
  • front end loader
  • golf buggy
  • golf car
  • grader
  • grain combine
  • grass cutter
  • harvester
  • hauler
  • hay bailer
  • header
  • invalid chair
  • invalid runabout
  • lawn roller
  • lawn sulky
  • line marking machine
  • mini paver
  • motorised wheelchair
  • mower
  • overhead loader
  • pavement roller
  • paver
  • paymower
  • power buggy
  • power grader
  • rear blade
  • rear-end loader
  • ripper
  • road grader
  • road heater-planer
  • road packer
  • road paver
  • road roller
  • road sweeper (truck based road sweepers are not exempt from RWC requirements)
  • rock ripper
  • rotary mower
  • sand cleaner
  • scarifier
  • scoop
  • scoopmobile
  • scraper dozer
  • self-propelled windrower
  • service ditcher
  • shovel loader
  • side loader
  • skid
  • skidder
  • sprayer (truck based sprayers are not exempt from RWC requirements)
  • stone loader
  • street sweeper (truck based street sweepers are not exempt from RWC requirements)
  • sweeper loader
  • towmotor
  • tractor
  • tractor shovel
  • tractor-loader
  • trailer crane
  • trench digger
  • trench hoe
  • trencher
  • wheel log loader.

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