Victorian rider handbook

The Victorian rider handbook helps you prepare for the motorcycle learner permit knowledge and licence tests.

Victorian rider handbook

The Victorian rider handbook outlines:

  • road law information specifically relating to motorcycle use
  • motorcycle road craft
  • motorcycle safe driving practices.

The handbook provides information in the following sections:

  • Section A - Getting Ready (road law for motorcyclists and licensing requirements)
  • Section B - On the Road (the right gear/bike, being seen, safe control of the bike)
  • Section C - Staying Alive (safe distances, handling difficult surfaces, riding at night, carrying passengers/goods)
  • Section D - Here's Trouble (dealing with emergencies and bike security).

View the handbook online

Victorian rider handbook [PDF 7.49 Mb]

Languages available

The Victorian rider handbook can be purchased and viewed online in English only.

Where you can purchase the handbook

You can purchase a Victorian rider handbook from:


Refer to the Victorian rider handbook fee when purchasing from a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

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