Transfer to/from a company

When buying or selling a vehicle to/from a company, different instructions apply depending on the type of transfer.

To register a vehicle in the name of a company, the company must have a VicRoads customer number. The VicRoads customer number of your company is on your company's myVicRoads account, or any registration renewal notice issued for vehicles registered in your company’s name.

If your company doesn't have a VicRoads customer number, you must visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre and provide full evidence of identity documents for your company. The personal details of the individual acting on behalf of your company will also need to be recorded on the transfer form.

To transfer the registration of a vehicle from a private individual to/from a company, or from a company to/from another company, you must provide: 

If a company is in 'liquidation', it means there's a distribution of its assets as a result of the company closing down. To transfer the registration of a vehicle from a company in liquidation you must provide:

* A completed Authority to Act form or authorisation on company letterhead must be provided and signed by a director of the company.

A 'corporate reconstruction' means a corporate group has reorganised the structure of its business. The State Revenue Office may grant a concession from motor vehicle duty. The transfer will also be exempt from providing a roadworthy certificate.

For more information regarding corporate reconstructions, visit the State Revenue Office's Corporate reconstruction concession page.

To transfer the registration you must provide:

The transfer will be exempt from providing a roadworthy certificate

If you're transferring to a company shareholder because of distribution of assets is occurring as a result of a reduction of capital, you'll need to provide:

Other types of transfers:

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