Seasonal registration

You can apply for seasonal registration if you intend to use your heavy vehicle for parts of the year only.

What is seasonal registration?

Seasonal registration means you can nominate parts of the year when you intend to use your heavy vehicle and you’ll only need to pay for the months that vehicle is used. The registration cycle is a 12-month period which begins on the date of the application to register a vehicle and ends at midnight on the same date the following year.

How long is a seasonal period?

The minimum duration of any seasonal period is three months and the maximum duration is nine months. You can only register your vehicle for one or two seasonal periods within a single registration cycle, as long as, the combined total doesn’t exceed nine months. For example, you might nominate the first seasonal period for four months and the second seasonal period for five months. 

There can’t be more than 12 months between seasonal registration periods. If more than 12 months has passed from the expiry date of your previous seasonal period, your registration will be cancelled.  

Am I eligible to apply?

You’re eligible to apply if you have a vehicle with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) greater than 4.5 tonnes. Light vehicles and vessels are not eligible for seasonal registration.

To learn more about GVM or heavy vehicle types, go to Heavy vehicle licence categories.

How do I apply? 

To apply for seasonal registration, you’ll need to: 

Can seasonal periods cross over into a new registration cycle?

No, seasonal periods can’t cross over into the next registration cycle. This means they must start and end within a single 12-month registration cycle only.

Can I nominate half a month? 

No, seasonal periods must be nominated in whole months only. For example, three, four or five months.

Can seasonal periods be extended?

No. Once a seasonal period expires, it can’t be extended. 

A new seasonal registration period can commence immediately afterwards, as long as the combined total doesn’t exceed nine months.

Go to Renew, update or cancel your vehicle registration for more. 

Pay your registration on or before the due date

Remember, it’s your responsibility to ensure that renewal payments for seasonal registration are made on or before the renewal date. Unless another form of registration is current, your vehicle will be unregistered, and it is considered an offence if used on a highway before your seasonal period begins or after it expires.

Renew your registration

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