Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

How to set up a direct debit payment agreement between yourself and VicRoads which forms the terms and conditions for undertaking the direct debit payments.

To set up direct debit payments from your nominated credit card, savings or cheque account, please read and accept this Direct Debit Service Request Agreement (Agreement). The Agreement is between you and the Roads Corporation trading as VicRoads (VicRoads), and forms the terms and conditions for undertaking the direct debit payments.

Debiting your account

By accepting the terms of this Agreement, you give VicRoads permission to debit funds from your nominated account.  VicRoads will only debit the amount listed on your renewal notice or bill. 

Please be aware that you will be charged a card payment fee for each direct debit to all Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. However, there is no direct debit fee payable for transactions using a bank account. The card payment fee (as varied from time to time) can be found on our website.


You may change some of the details you have provided to VicRoads (like your account number) or end this Agreement by doing the following:

  • You may opt out of direct debit payments through myVicRoads (or by instructing your financial institution).
  • To change your details or to end the Agreement, you may write to VicRoads or call the myVicRoads support team on 1300 650 266.  

If you change your account details:

  • 5 days or less before a payment is due and you’re paying by credit card; or
  • 15 days or less before a payment is due and you’re paying from your cheque or savings account, 

the changes won’t take effect in time for the processing of the payment on the due date and instead you will need to make the payment by BPay or by another payment method authorised by VicRoads. Your changed account details will take effect from the next scheduled payment date (eg. when your next quarterly registration payment falls due). 

VicRoads may vary the terms of this Agreement by giving you a minimum of 14 days written notice.

Your responsibilities

Before accepting the terms of this Agreement, check whether direct debiting is available from your nominated account by talking to your financial institution as direct debit is not available on all accounts through the bulk electronic clearing system.

Please ensure that you provide us with your correct account details.  You can do this by checking a recent statement from your financial institution.

Make sure you have enough money in your nominated account on each payment date.  If your payment fails, VicRoads will email you advising that the payment has not been successful, why and requesting payment by another method authorised by VicRoads such as BPay.   If there are insufficient funds, your financial institution may charge a fee and/or interest.

If you have any queries about how to complete this request, you should contact your financial institution. 

We’ll process your direct debit payment up to 15 days before your payment date to ensure your licence or registration remains current at all times.  If the scheduled processing date is not a business day, we will start processing your payment on the next business day.


If you think we’ve debited the wrong amount, call the myVicRoads support team on 1300 650 266.  If we agree we’ve debited the wrong amount, we’ll ask your financial institution to adjust your account. We’ll also send you written confirmation of our actions. If we don’t agree we’ve debited the wrong amount, we’ll give you our reasons and any evidence in writing.

Alternatively, you can contact your own financial institution directly.


We’ll keep all information you’ve provided under this Agreement confidential.  We’ll make reasonable efforts to keep your information secure, and to make sure we don’t use, modify, reproduce or disclose your information without authorisation. We’ll only disclose your information to the extent specifically required by law, or for the purposes of this Agreement, including disclosing information in connection with any query or claim.


If you’d like to tell us something in writing about your direct debit arrangements with VicRoads, please write to us. If we have something to tell you in writing about these direct debit arrangements, we’ll email you or send you a letter through regular post to the address you’ve given us.



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