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How to register your interest to participate in the Ballarat pilot.

Take it for a test drive

Digital driver licences are rolling out across Victoria by 2024. If you live in Ballarat, you can register your interest through your myVicRoads account to participate in the pilot.

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We’re testing digital driver licences in Ballarat from July 2023. Register your interest through myVicRoads and leave your plastic in your pocket.

Get in first

Register now to join the Ballarat digital driver licence pilot.

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How to use it

Digital driver licences will work just like the card in your wallet.

You’ll be able to use them:

  • On the road as proof of your right to drive.
  • Throughout your day whenever you need to prove your identity.
  • On a night out as proof of age.

Control what you share

Physical cards show all your information. Digital ID lets you control what you share.

You can show your:

  • Full licence details to police.
  • Identity, just enough to prove who you are.
  • Proof of age to show you’re over 18.

Register for the Ballarat pilot

Login to your myVicRoads account and register your interest. We’ll let you know when you can get a digital driver licence.

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See it. Scan it. Check it

For businesses, digital driver licences give you verified information with a quick scan of a QR code. They’re a secure and trusted tool for licence, identity and proof of age checks. 

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