Modify update or transfer a Club Permit

Club Permits have different rules and procedures to standard road vehicles. Read below for information on how you can modify, update or transfer your Club Permit.

You’ll need to notify us within 14 days if you change: 

  • the address(es) of your Club Permit vehicle
  • the description of the vehicle or
  • club/association.

Follow the instructions on how to notify us in the table below when there’s a change in your Club Permit details.

Change How to notify us
Changing vehicle description

Notify VicRoads during renewal via: 

Change address(es) on a Club Permit 

To update the residential, postal and/or a Victorian garage address recorded for the Club Permit the easiest way to notify VicRoads is when submitting your permit renewal via your myVicRoads account. 

To notify VicRoads of changed address(es) when you do not have an upcoming renewal:

1. Ensure you have all of the following details:

  • club permit holder's name
  • club permit number
  • details of the change of description
  • a new Vehicle eligibility and standards declaration form signed by an authorised Club Safety officer/Scrutineer of the applicant's respective club 

2. Submit your change of address by:

Change of car club/association

If you wish to transfer your Club Permit vehicle to another approved club, you must:

1. Organise each of the following documents:

a. a signed letter from you (the Club Permit holder), advising of the change and list any Club Permit vehicles that you want to link to the new club
b. a Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles form [PDF 182 Kb] for each vehicle from the new nominated club
c. a letter from the an office bearer at the new club confirming that you are a current member. Note: If the Club Permit holder is a Company/Incorporated association the letter confirming financial membership should be made out to the Company/Incorporated association and not a representative. 

2. Submit your change of car club/association by:

Club Permit vehicles may be modified within specific guidelines without requiring an approval certificate. 

If you modify your Club Permit vehicle, you’ll need to ask your club to re-inspect the vehicle and issue you with a new Vehicle eligibility and standards declaration for Club Permit vehicles form. The new form then needs to be provided to VicRoads within 14 days of the modification. 

A modification may result in the vehicle requiring an approval certificate from a signatory of the Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) and a change of plate to modified ‘M’ series number plates for light vehicles.

You will need to get a VASS certificate when the vehicle:

  • is modified outside what is permitted in the vehicle standards or the guidelines as specified in the table below
  • the vehicle was not originally manufactured in Australia, does not have any previous Australian registration history and was manufactured after 31 December 1968 (30 June 1975 for motorcycles).

Vehicle type Guidelines
Light motor vehicle VicRoads guide to modifications to motor vehicles (VSI8) [PDF 286 Kb], or
VicRoads guidelines for modifications to vehicles operated under Victoria’s Club Permit scheme (VSI33) [PDF 265 Kb]
Heavy motor vehicle Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Government’s Vehicle Standards Bulletin No. 6 – Heavy vehicle modifications (External link)
Motorcycle VicRoads summary of registration requirements for motorcycles and mopeds (VSI4) [882 Kb]
Light trailer VicRoads registration requirements for light trailers manufactured before July 1991 (VSI9) [418 Kb] 

Light vehicle modified ‘M’ series number plates

When your Club Permit vehicle is modified, your club may also voluntarily choose to re-certify existing modified vehicles and for the vehicle be issued an ‘M’ series number plate.

If this is the case, the following must be provided to a VicRoads Customer Service Centre:

Note: The certificate of roadworthiness and VASS certificate must be current at the time of declaration date.

Modified vehicles without M plates

If your vehicle is modified and a VASS certificate has previously been provided to VicRoads regarding the modifications (either while the vehicle was operating on a club permit or registered), you can request M plates by visiting a VicRoads Customer Service Centre with a new Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles form [PDF 182 Kb] signed by the club's safety officer/scrutineer.

A new certificate of roadworthiness is not required to be provided if the vehicle is currently on the Club Permit scheme and is applying to swap a ‘H’ plate for an ‘M’ plate.

Carry over models

Information on carry over model vehicle modifications can be found in the VicRoads’ guidelines for modifications to vehicles operated under VicRoads guidelines for modifications to vehicles operated under Victoria’s Club Permit scheme (VSI33) [PDF 265 Kb]

Club Permits are not transferable.
If the vehicle is given or sold to another person, the current Club Permit must be cancelled and a new Club Permit application is required. 

If a Club Permit holder has passed away, the permit may be reassigned to their spouse or domestic partner. The spouse/domestic partner must be a member of an approved club.

Visit Deceased Estates for more information. 


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