Motorcycle fees

Your fee will vary depending on the cubic capacity (engine size) and the postcode of where the motorcycle is usually kept.

The fees below are the total cost of the registration fee. This includes the Transport Accident Charge (TAC).

Check our concessions and discounts to see if you’re eligible for a concession or exemption on your motorcycle registration.

Recreational motorcycle registration


Standard motorcycle registration

Engine Capacity

(high risk) 
Outer metropolitan
(medium risk) 
(low risk)
Engine capacity up to 60cc
$149.60 $149.60
Engine capacity from  61cc to 125cc  $412.50  $369.50  $326.70
Engine capacity from 126cc to 500cc (Levy)  $534.40  $484.90  $437.60
All electric vehicles  $526.90  $478.50 $432.30
Engine capacity over 500cc (Levy)  $706.00 $635.60  $564.10

* A card payment fee applies when using VISA or Mastercard

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