Transfer fees and roadworthy exemptions

When you transfer a registered vehicle, you are required to pay a transfer fee, motor vehicle duty (MVD) and provide a roadworthy certificate (RWC) unless exempt.

When you transfer a vehicle into your name, you may be eligible for exemptions based on your transfer type and vehicle type. Refer to the table below to determine whether fees and RWC are required for your transfer and vehicle type. 

Over 90% of private transfers require transfer fee and duty payment and RWC provision. If your transfer involves a dealer, the dealer will manage the transfer process for you.

Unless specifically stated as a variation, the below apply to all vehicle types, including cars, heavy vehicles, motorcycles and trailers.

Caravans are classified as trailers. If the gross vehicle mass (GVM) of a trailer is below 4.5 tonnes it is a light trailer, if GVM is above 4.5 tonnes it is a heavy trailer.

Note: Light trailers do not require a RWC or MVD

Transfer type Transfer fee payable MVD payable RWC required
Private to private (individual/company) 1. Yes Yes Yes
Private (individual/company) to dealer Yes No No
Dealer transfer to private (individual/company) Yes Yes Yes
Dealer to dealer Yes No No
Spouse/domestic partner (current or former) Yes No No
Family member  Yes Yes Yes
Nominee (on behalf of minor)  Yes Yes Yes
Nominee transfer to minor (on achieving eligible age) No No No
Change of nominee (on behalf of a minor)  No No No
Deceased Estate to surviving spouse/domestic partner No No No
Deceased Estate to authorised representative of deceased estate Yes No No
Deceased Estate to person with a beneficial entitlement (not spouse) Yes No Yes
Approved Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) pensioner (one vehicle only)  No No Yes
Incapacitated person vehicle  No No Yes
Private vehicle used to carry an incapacitated person No No Yes
Government or charitable vehicle used to carry incapacitated person Yes No Yes
Organisations providing transport for disabled persons No No Yes
Company in liquidation, administration or receivership Yes  Yes Yes
Company restructure 1. Yes Yes 1. No
Change of trustee No No No
SES, CFA or municipality firefighting/emergency response vehicles No No Yes
Primary producer (solely in the business of the registered operator as a primary producer) 2. Yes Yes Yes
Primary producer vehicle certified by the CFA as specifically equipped and exclusively used for combating fires 3. No No Yes
Repossession of the vehicle Repossession fee No No
Restoration of possession No No No
Vehicles registered to Consular officials 2. No No Yes

1. The following vehicle type variations apply:

  • MVD is not payable to VicRoads at the time of transfer, the applicable MVD will be collected by the State Revenue Office

2. The following vehicle type variations apply:

  • Heavy trailers - MVD and transfer fee are not payable

3. Heavy trailers - MVD and transfer fee are required.

Other - tractors and special purpose vehicles

Special purpose vehicle Type P (includes tractors):MVD and RWC are not required for any transfer.

Note: Transfer of a tractor to a primary producer vehicle is exempt from the transfer fee.

Special purpose vehicle Type O:  RWC not required.

Note: If you're transferring a type O special purpose vehicle to a primary producer vehicle, the transfer fee and MVD are exempt.

Specially constructed vehicles:  RWC not required for specially constructed vehicles where the body type is not based on a truck cab and chassis.

Refer to Vehicles exempt from roadworthiness requirements for a list of specially constructed vehicles.

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