Social procurement

We’re implementing social procurement to help break the cycle of disadvantage, create jobs and strengthen communities across Victoria.  

When we make a purchase, we can make a difference

As of June 2019, social procurement is being implemented across VicRoads.  

Watch Paul Northey, VicRoads Chief Regional Roads Officer and Social Procurement Advocate deliver an inspiring message below:

VicRoads is actively supporting the whole-of-Government approach to social procurement which is an Australian first and will apply to purchases of all goods, services and construction by departments and agencies. 

What is social procurement?

Social procurement is when organisations use their buying power to generate social value above and beyond the value of the goods, services or construction being procured. 
At VicRoads, we’ll be using our substantial buying power to generate social value and change across regional and metropolitan Victoria.  We’ll do this by purchasing goods and services from social suppliers and by including social value outcome requirements in tenders.
That will mean that businesses who use social and disability enterprises or Aboriginal businesses in their tenders for government contracts will have a competitive edge over those who don’t.

This will create jobs for disadvantaged people in the community including Aboriginal people, long-term jobseekers, at-risk women, victims and survivors of family violence, people with a disability and young Victorians.

Changing lives, connecting communities

With our state going through one of the biggest infrastructure booms ever, our commitment to social procurement will offer significant opportunities across Victoria.

See social procurement in action at VicRoads and the difference it’s already made to the lives of disadvantaged Victorians, and their families. 
All the videos on this webpage were produced using a social supplier, Momentary

OC Connections Enterprise provides on-site car washing services for VicRoads’ fleet vehicles, giving job opportunities to people with disabilities.

My Maintenance Crew provides grass cutting and slashing services, giving work experience and employment to young Victorians.

Skill Invest provides labour services such as apprenticeships, giving opportunities to migrants, refugees, young mums and indigenous youth.

The future 

VicRoads has a longstanding commitment to making a positive impact on the economy, community, environment, and workplace as part of our core business as a road authority.
We are committed to increasing our social procurement spend, which will increase job opportunities for disadvantaged Victorians across the state.
We access social suppliers through:

Want to help us to make a difference?

Suppliers can access information that enables them to consider how to best respond to future market invitations from VicRoads to supply goods, services or construction. 

Visit the Buying for Victoria government web page for further information on the Victorian Government Social Procurement Framework 

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